Interview with Mark Bordanaro , Founder of Ability Digital

Mark is the founder of Ability Digital and a rockstar of digital marketing & scaling businesses .Ability Digital Solutions is located in coastal Fairfield County, CT. His team is a group of technology innovators experienced in using the latest technology practices in order to achieve success for clients . The founder Mark is experienced in working at fortune 500 technology companies as well as software startups that have received millions of dollars worth of funding.

Our team spoke with him

1. Can you tell us about your background ?

After a career as a professional athlete and university graduate, I launched a new career working in sales for Xerox, exposing myself to the latest technology and business development strategies. Building on this I moved on to help

launch a home services technology company, participating in multiple successful rounds of funding. My goal now is  to take these tactics and apply them to other businesses looking to grow.

2.  Why did you chose real estate & mortgage industry ? And why Ability Digital , specifically

I chose this industry due to my experience working in the residential construction and home services industry earlier in my career. I have a passion for the industry and recognized that most home owners are not well educated on the process of buying/owning a home. I chose our name because when a customer pays for a service or solution, they should feel the person truly has the capability to deliver results. With us, we are confident in our ability to do so.

3.  What has contributed to your successful track record in lead generation ? Is it mere skills or something else

Skills and ABILITY are important of course, but experience in the industry and knowledge of the overall landscape helps us relate more closely to our customers. Also, lots of data tracking and using the best technology systems available is important.

4.  What are the goals & vision for Ability Digital ?

The goal is to take these proven best practices and apply them to businesses that are looking to grow. These strategies can apply to many other industries as well so we would like to help grow as many businesses as possible. Finding good people to work with, achieving goals, and continuing to innovate along the way.

5.  How are you different than other digital agencies & IT companies which are already established ? What makes Ability digital different from competition

Results ! Ultimately our clients benefit the most from this because we all win together and they stick with us for long

. I  believe the biggest difference is our superior customer service and the relationship we build with our clients while

educating them during the process. As well, we are continuously staying innovative and trying new tools to improve and measure our understanding of their return on marketing investment.

6.  What’s the secret sauce of your continuous success in this industry where less than 10% succeed ?

The secret sauce for us is a lot of hard work, commitment to innovation, and the ability to get the job done with results. Without results, no businesses will succeed.

7.  Any advice you’d like to give to mortgage companies & realtors going digital for the very first time ?

My advice would be to hire a professional to maximize their return on time and money. Many of these companies have attempted a digital strategy in the past, but ultimately have limited time, resources, or ability to achieve success in-house. It is best to hire a turn key solution such as Ability Digital who can be a long term partner.

Mark can be reached at or +1 (909) 800-8137

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