Interview with Staci Hargraves , Founder of

Staci is the founder of Spouzal, where she aims to encourage and facilitate more connections between committed couples by providing an interactive platform, insightful content, and love-affirming events in ways that are elevated, refined, hi-tech, and hi-quality.

Spouzal’s curated experiences bring together 4-6 couples from various generations to share ideals and discover the secrets to extending love through the test of time. Together couples evolve into a trusted, personal, and valued “Marriage Board”.

Our team spoke with her

1. Can you tell us about your background ?

Like any great love story, ours is unique and wonderful. We were born in the same hometown in the same year. We were high school sweethearts who earned the superlative “Best Dressed Couple.” Our love remained strong and true through college, leading to us marrying very shortly after graduation.

Looking back, we had no clue how a marriage was supposed to work outside of what we saw in romantic comedies. Through the help of our support network consisting of multi-generational couples and the occasional expert, we   have navigated and continue to navigate challenges while remaining grounded in the love we share. It is from these experiences that our idea for Spouzal was born, providing the support we were lucky enough to have to other  married couples.

After 20 years together, nothing brings us more joy than our three teenage boys, our dog Max, and the family and friends that we have cultivated throughout the years.

2.  Why did you choose Social networking business ? And why for married couples , specifically

At Spouzal, we love love and want to support couples in deepening their relationships. We curate luxurious experiences for couples who aren’t looking to settle for a common life with their significant other. Through our memberships, we offer the chance to connect with fully vetted, like-minded couples from different generations with the goal to transform each relationship from transactional to meaningful.

There are social networks available and groups available for many interests (singles, sports, leisure, academic, etc) but none focused exclusively on marriages and married people. Having moved to several cities across the US, we found it hard to meet like minded people. It’s thru this lense that we build the strategy for Spouzal.

3. What has contributed to your successful track record in acquiring users? Is it mere a novel idea or something else

Currently, it’s the pandemic. We shifted our model to a virtual model as the country started to shut down all face to face activities.  People are locked indoors and are craving for things to do.  We want to provide married couples  with time to connect with each other and other couples. We are creating a meaningful and trusted community.

4.  What are the goals & long term vision for Spouzal ?

Marriage is hard. We are in the business to support and sustain the long term commitment between couples. Whether this is thru luxury events, exclusive talks with experts, or community based interactions, Spouzal is an unparalled resource. When the economy opens back up, we will offer face to face services in select cities across the US. Long term, our aim is to have a presence in most major cities across the world.

5. How is spouzal different than other networking websites which are already established ? What makes Spouzal a prefered choice

Spouzal is a never-before-seen resource that offers a network of professional services  to members.    We don’t just

provide group dates; we provide the building blocks to deeply connect with your partner with the guidance of fellow members and trusted resources.

6.  What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced while starting up ?

Awareness.  Like any new market introduction it’s difficult for potential members to understand and trust the  concept. Peoples marriages are personal and sacred.  We acknowledge and build the trust with members and offer  a private online community platform for these trusted interactions to flourish.

7. Any advice you’d like to give to Female Entrepreneurs & African American business women who would like to start their business ?

It’s hard to start a business. There are many sleepless night, a lot of self doubt, and many obstacles. Resilience is the key. Believe in your idea and believe in yourself, especially when no one else will.

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