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One of the most challenging parts of digitalizing a business is to create a clean, streamlined, and accurate address database. Not only postal addresses are provided in several formats but also they tend to be misspelt or inaccurate. There is also the complexity of sorting different addresses, parsing and cleansing the repeated entries and finding map coordinates for data already stored in address database.

To tackle these challenges, Egon software offers an international postal address verification solution designed for enterprises. The software can automate all the processes involved in address normalization – verifying, correcting, duplicating, updating, etc. It also comes with a real-time function to precisely validate addresses upfront, automatically enrich data stored in single or multiple address database, and pinpoint the exact location with geocoding.

So, let’s find out the benefits of address validation before deciding whether an advanced address verification service is what you need for your enterprise.

Reduced Hassles and Operational Costs

Postal address validation is a complex procedure that involves checking out the correctness of an address, revising mistakes and typos, completing missing parts, and updating old data in a singular, universal format for it to be traced by any IT system.

The scopes of work are so huge that employing human resources to manually input data into the address database can quickly rack up huge operational costs. Not to mention the hassles of dusting out old files and matching the addresses for repeated entries and merging them under a
single entry.

By utilizing an advanced address normalization software, you can streamline the entire process and save yourself from huge operational challenges and costs.

Real-time, Quick and Automated Solution

With a complex set of rules, address validation software usually offers a real-time solution to analyse input data for any errors, which can be integrated into any existing ERP, CRM and operational software environment. Hence, the moment your customer or operator input data
(i.e. Signing up on the website) into the specific fields, the software would
be able to check its validity and suggest an accurate alternative if errors are

Another important application of such software is the automation of data entry into the address database. With features like geocoding creating accurate map coordinates for a postal address, it can also systematize
the key processes of a location-based business.

Improved Customer Service Experience

Whether it’s the postal services, financial institutes, government organizations, or e-commerce businesses, an effective address normalization and validation software can have a profound impact on customer service experience.

For example, with the validation features, a bank or government can easily verify customer addresses in bulk. Whereas, with real-time corrections, it can facilitate a smooth sign-up process for the customer. The geocoding features, on the other hand, can pinpoint any given address of a supplier or customer in no time, allowing e-commerce businesses to get their deliveries right every time.

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