How to make a vertical video consciously


A vertical video can be done consciously or unconsciously. You do it unconsciously when you record with your mobile phone, taking it the same way you take it when speaking, without considering anything else. The options are perfect here now.

But you can also record and edit a Vertical mobile video, as we would say “on your own”, trying to explore the possibilities of framing. 

In case you are in the latter case, we will recommend two applications with which to record and edit vertical video consciously with your smartphone.

Vertical video

The vertical video has been an imposition almost by acclamation of the users who record as they call by phone: without turning the terminal. At the time, purists and fans of the image in general put the shout in the sky and talked about the Vertical Video Syndrome. Some sarcastic videos ran through the net like gunpowder. 

  • If you do not want to continue reading, here is our video (vertical, of course), which shows you with what applications to make them if you have already decided to do so.
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  • After the storm, the vertical video is here to stay and to share its spiky space with the square and panoramic video. 
  • In order not to hurt extreme sensibilities with the two damn birds, if you have recorded a vertical video you can say that you have adopted the video mode called Portrait, or the aspect ratio 9:16. 

To record a vertical video by manually controlling all the parameters, start by downloading Filmic Pro (download here if you are from iOS – download here if yours is Android). It is enough that you place the mobile in an upright position to access almost all the functionalities of the application, as if you were recording in landscape:

  • Manually control focus, exposure and white balance
  • Regulate audio input level
  • Select between front or rear camera
  • Activate the digital stabilizer
  • Access the settings to configure resolution, frames per second and bit rate

Vertical video with Filmic Pro

With which application you can edit a vertical video on your mobile

If you intend to edit a vertical video on the mobile with the most widespread editing applications, such as iMovie (iOS) and Kinemaster (Android), you will find that this apps reduce the size of the images so that they fit within the landscape format, leaving the usual black bands on the sides, that is, you have actually lost your long-awaited vertical format. The Android Power Director video editor has just been updated and allows you to edit video vertically. So Android users can now make their own vertical videos without clipping.

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