Greater Options for the Best Link Building Now

If you do not have quality content, relevant to your theme, you will be starting the link building strategy with a disadvantage.

Review the pages of your website

Make sure that your website does not have any pages with 404 error and that all external links within your website work well; that is, there are no broken links. These errors mean usability problems, you can check this in Google Search Console, Website Auditor and other tools. With the use of the link building services this is important now.

If you have these types of errors you will be at a disadvantage with respect to the competition, because you will have broken links. You should also make sure that the pages you are pointing to are indexable. Many sites are blocked by the robots.txt file without realizing it. Check this out well.

Social profiles and links to your website from the profile

Signing up for the most relevant social networks is important for your website. In addition, in these profiles you can place a link to your site.

You must include on your website the share buttons on social networks, so the content you create can reach more people. This is one of the best tips for link building for new sites.

Sign up for quality directories

You have surely read that directories are bad for SEO. But not all are. It is important to know well which ones are good and which ones are not for your website.

There are directories that are very good and you should choose them depending on your niche. In your town there must be a business camera, being in this directory can be very helpful and for internet marketing

Answer questions in Quora

Quora is a very good platform to start building authority in an area. In addition, it is an excellent help to get theme ideas for your blog content.

Of course, you should not overlook that the links you will get in Quora will be nofollow, so they will not give you any direct benefit in the ranking in Google. But they can help you get traffic.

Spy on your competition

Take advantage of tools like SEMrush to see what links your competition has, make a list of these and look for links from those sites.

Although the idea is not that you have exactly the same links from your competitors. But, you can probably choose to get the most authoritative. Remember that the link building is not about quantity but quality. You can do this review of your competitor’s links regularly, perhaps weekly or biweekly.

Try to create unique content, other than text

Creating unique visual content can help you stand out from the competition. When we talk about content we do not only refer to your blog post, you can make videos or infographics, which are ideal to capture the attention of users. This practice is known as link baiting or link bait. It is an excellent opportunity to promote your site and get inbound links , get to know about backlinks .






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