Solar Power Provides Amazing ROI’s in the Pacific Northwest

Solar panels are a great investment idea which you can go with to save your extra energy bills in an eco friendly way. Installation of solar panels is often over thought as they are little pricy but once you go for it, you will be giving less money than you are currently giving as your electricity bills. People in Pacific Northwest often get confused about the charges and installation costs of these solar panels at their home and offices. Calculating the cost of installing solar panels in the PNW is simple and also widely depends on the power of solar panel that you are choosing to install. Big panels will have larger output thus they will cost more.

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Costs based on different solar panels

Most of the people go for average solar panels of 6kW and it requires 400sq/ft of roof space costing you $14,500 after including taxes. If you are using the small one like 4kW it will cost you $9,750 whereas the bigger ones like 20kW will cost you $43,200 after taxes. If you have single floor house, you can simply go with the small solar panels and if you want energy for the bigger places like commercial areas, you can go for the larger panels for effective results.

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There are many questions with people about solar panel installation as they are confused about whether it will work on the bad weather conditions or not. This is not the case as these panels can absorb the diffused daylight to give you the maximum benefit out of it. Financing solar panels is among the top 5 solar questions asked throughout Oregon and Washingtons State. You can easily finance these with $0 down payment loans given by the government. Thus, you don’t have to over think about installation and people can instantly finance one for better savings in future.


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