Find the Right Air Hoses with The Hosemaster

The Hosemaster, are a customer-driven manufacturer of hoses and other supplies for household and industry level. They provide a wide array of hoses to choose from which meets every need of the customer. The Hosemaster is the right place to visit if you are looking for air hoses, for your home or garage. They ship throughout the UK mainland and offer free shipping over any £200 order. They also feature extra special offers that you can check out on their website.

Multipurpose 20 Bar Compressed Air, Water & Oil Hose

Why The Hosemaster?

Hosing is a large industry and there are a large number of players in it. So, why should you prefer the Hosemaster over others?


The Hosemaster features products from low to high budget range. Never compromise on your quality for budget. Hosemaster can help you choose the right product you need. You can check for any special offers on their website and get some discount off on the price as well.

PVC, Silicone, Rubber, Polyurethane – You name it

All Hosemaster products meet their quality standard. Be it the low-cost PVC or the expensive Polyurethane hose, they provide a wide array of hoses to choose from. They got it all covered for you. Polyurethane hoses are the most efficient of all. They are lightweight than the other air hoses, and also does well even in low temperatures. If you are concerned about the kink formation, stay away from rubber and PVC hoses as well.

Reinforced Hoses

The Hosemaster hoses are available with reinforcements for better abrasion resistance and durability. High tensile textile cord, steel wire, PVC spiral, and PVC Braiding are the reinforcements provided by the Hosemaster. Not all reinforcements are available on each type of hose materials. So, you should understand your requirement before choosing a hose. If you are to use the hose on a hard surface, buy a braided hose so that the braiding will take the damage.  Similarly, each type of reinforcement has its functions. Ask the agents at the Hosemaster if you don’t know what you are doing. Call them on (+44) 01282 604002 for any doubts.

Category and Temperature Rating

The Hosemaster provides air hosing in 2 categories, Compressed Hoses & PVC Hoses. The compressed air hoses can accommodate even very large air pressures. Also, their lineup has a max temperature rating of up to 180°C.  
These are the key factors why Hosemaster is one of the best hose manufacturers in the UK. They also provide great customer support as well. Feel free to call them for any assistance, even for after-sales support.

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