How to get the most up-to-date economic news in India

India always more important to world economy than Malaysia, Philippines  even if activity slows to snail's pace - The Financial Express

India is a vibrant economy. Its economic stability can be observed in the fact that despite all the major economies in the world going through an extremely rough period during the Covid-19 outbreak, the Indian economy hasn’t fared as bad as was being envisaged by many experts. Of course, how the economy has been faring depends on which side of the political spectrum you stand.

But overall, the Indian economy is still booming and businesses and enterprises looking for growth opportunities have got plenty of avenues. Apple and many other multinational companies have started their production facilities in India during recent times. The government has introduced a politically sensitive Farmers Bill that shows that the country is on a strong footing and has the ability to take over overarching transformational decisions, being majorly an agricultural economy.

If you’re doing business in India, it is important that you keep a finger on the pulse of the economic situation and nothing could be better than making sure that you get the most up-to-date economic news in India.

The benefits of getting the latest updates on economic news include

  • You’re not taken by surprise in case there is a certain policy change.
  • You know the economic orientation of various political parties – socialist, capitalist, center of left, center of right, etc.
  • You get to learn about various industries growing or going through tough phases and accordingly, you can prepare for opportunities and challenges.
  • When you are talking among your peers you appear knowledgeable.
  • You can steer your business in a better direction according to prevailing economic conditions.
  • Your business forecasting abilities improve.
  • You can instill confidence among your subordinates by being aware of what’s happening in your country.

Here are some steps you can take to get most up-to-date economic news in India:

Subscribe to magazines and newspapers devoted to economics

Although going through multiple magazines and newspapers on economics will be quite a time-consuming activity, especially when you are a busy businessperson, having them around enables you to go through them whenever there is an opportunity.

Besides, although the newspapers are delivered daily, magazines are published once in a month or once in a fortnight, so it won’t be overwhelming to go through a magazine.

Regarding newspapers, you can assign someone in your office, maybe your assistant, to keep the important cuttings and clippings for you so that you can go through them whenever you have some time.

Some of the Online publications you can explore include Business Quest Economic Times, Financial Express, Business Today, Business Standard and Business World.

Most of the magazines and newspapers these days are also published digitally. You can access them on your iPad, on phone or your PC. This is much more convenient.

Set up Google alerts

With Google alerts you get all the updates in your inbox. You can receive the updates in a digest form – daily, weekly or monthly – or you can receive them in real time.

It’s very simple. Go to Google alerts and sign in with your email ID on which you would like to receive the alerts.

Then, one by one, enter all the terms about which you would like to receive updates, for example, “India’s GDP”, “startups in India”, “Indian economy”, “IT sector”, and so on.

You can play around with the service for a few days and can tweak the various terms on which you would like to receive the alerts.

The alerts, along with the links, will be emailed to you as soon as Google crawls and indexes them.

Read the business and economics section of your present newspaper

Every newspaper has a business and economy section. Whenever you get an opportunity, you can quickly go through that particular section to get updates. You may not get all the updates, but it’s a good beginning.

Visit content aggregation websites

There are many websites that gather data from other websites and then publish it in a magazine format. The layout is quite friendly, and you can access these aggregation websites directly through your browser or through a mobile app.

The most widely used among these is Flipboard. The iPad app has the best layout for it. You can create your own boards. In the beginning you will need to spend some time going through various sections and deciding which section to add to your own board. Once you have added all the relevant news feeds to your section, you will have your own magazine. It will be automatically updated with new content as it is published by the original sources.

A good thing is, after you have created your magazine you can also share it with your colleagues and peers.

Subscribe to the RSS feeds

RSS feeds are quite old, but the good thing is every website publishes them. The best mobile app or the website to manage your RSS feeds is of course, Feedly. You can add the RSS feeds from all your favorite publications for Indian economy updates to your Feedly aggregator. After that, whenever these publications publish new feeds – articles, opinions, editorials, analysis, predictions and studies – they will reflect on your dashboard and you can either read them within Feedly, or go to the original source.

Follow economics publications on social media

Everybody is on social media these days. Even if you don’t have time to spend on Facebook or Twitter, as an entrepreneur, you must have a presence on LinkedIn.

All major publications mentioned above have a social media presence. For example, every magazine and newspaper is on Twitter. Even if the social media websites seem noisy, you can just follow these accounts to get the latest updates on the economic situation in India. You may like to follow some of these Twitter accounts: @livemint, @forbes_india, @ReutersIndia, @moneycontrolcom, @investopedia and @BloombergTV.

Use your mobile phone

You constantly carry your mobile phone with you. It is either always in your hand or in your pocket.

There are many apps you can use to get instant updates on the Indian economyOne of the widely used apps is Inshorts. It gives you the summary of the news of your choice in not more than 60 words. Its in-house editors prepare the summary and post it on the mobile app feed. Of course, if you want to read the complete news, you can go to the original source from within the app.

If you don’t want to install additional apps, you can use the default Google app. The Google app these days has a feature called “Google Discover”. When you launch the app, tap on the Google icon at the top and you can access the “Discover” section.

When you access the section for the first time it randomly updates your feet according to your search pattern, but you can tell Google what you would want to “discover”. Either enter the sources or simply do some searches. It’s machine learning algorithm will figure out what sort of news you want to receive and after a few days, you will start getting better and better results.

If you want to manually add your interests, you can tap on “More…”, go to “Settings” and then, “Interests”. Here, you can add or remove the topics you would like to follow using Google Discover.


Getting news and keeping yourself updated was never easier. There are literally thousands of newspapers and magazines available to you with a few clicks or Google searches. Experts and analysts are constantly sharing their thoughts with the public at large. For your favourite news source – Google Discover, for example – and let it evolve. Give it a few days and you will be surprised to realize how accurately it shows the updates on Indian economy, or whatever subject you want to follow.

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