Global communications leader NEC Enterprise Solutions, known for their SME phone systems and VoIP Phones for Small Business, have announced that they have signed a new partnership agreement with TigerTMS. The intention of this new partnership is to bring the TigerTMS Hospitality focused applications, across the entire EMEA Region.

Due to this partnership, NEC hoteliers have the opportunity to increase the productivity of staff, enrich the guest experience, and assure that the working environment is healthier, safer and more secure with their VoIP Phones for Small Business – music to one’s ears as COVID-19 presents us with a challenging ‘new normal’ for the hospitality and tourism industries. These hotel management systems are a genius way of building a brighter business community during a difficult time in all of our lives. 

As John Owen, Managing Director and major shareholder of TigerTMS confirms: “The moment we regained our independence, we needed to look out for strong, international and focused partners. With NEC we indeed have found such a partner. Their wide array of voice-platforms, their strong partner-base and especially their focus on the wider Hospitality and Leisure Industry, made the decision to go with NEC a relatively easy one”.

Kees van Donk, Sr Director Travel, Hospitality & Leisure at NEC Enterprise Solutions, acknowledges: “Now that the ‘Big Cat is Back’, we are looking forward to successfully grow the business together. Not only based on the powerful middleware and voice-mail products of TigerTMS, but also on their value add applications, such as iConnect – THE leading BYOD solution for Hospitality”.

“Important to add”, Kees van Donk continues, “is that thanks to our extended and strong focus on all the aspects of Travel, Hospitality and Leisure, we now can jointly cater for the needs of the Cruise and / or Event Industry as well”.

Both organizations are looking forward to a successful and prosperous partnership.

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