The Benefits of L Sealer Machines

An l sealer machine is equipment used in the shrink wrapping process that is used to create poly bags of heat-sensitive shrink films around the final products. In this process, an attached shrink tunnel on the machine applies heat to the bags thereby shrinking and tightening the film. The machinesare available in both automatic and semi-automated formats. Their perfect low-volume and shrink-packaging solutions give the machines the ability to seal up to 35 packages per minute.

Automatic L-Sealers

Due to the high-speed mechanism with the use of a conveyor fed automatic operation system, the automated sealers can process from 20 to 35 packages every minute. By use of a conveyer, all products going through the automated system are automatically loaded into the sealing area and the shrink tunnel. This makes the automatic sealer the ideal number one solution for high-speed presentations and product wrapping.

Semi-Automatic L-sealers

The semi-automated sealers need the help of operators in placing the products inside the folded over shrink wrap film. Here, the sealing arm is then lowered by the machine operator which then applies heat forming the end side.

The Shrink Tunnel

Also known as the heat tunnels, they are often mounted over or sometimes around the conveyor system of the machine, several of these heat tunnels are available with the heat source based on the electrical resistance, infrared, steam, or even gas flames.

Benefits of Automatic L-Sealer Machines

  • They provide very fast shrink wrapping completing up to 30 items a minute.
  • They require very little external operation.
  • They have the ability and capacity to process heavy-duty wrapping.
  • They come available in different sizes depending on consumer demands.
  • They are highly durable and can easily be set-up for functioning.

The l sealer machinescome with mounted shrink tunnels providing uniform shrink wrapping around all products. Whether shrink wrapping retail products or just bundling items into resealable packages. Paired with the heat tunnels, they provide high quality packaging solutions, delivering high-quality shrink-wrapped products time after time giving the capacity and reliability to get the job done.

They are easy to operate and have variable speed drives allowing the user to determine the exact conveyor speed that they need. To help extend the lives of these machines and further prevent safety issues, they have a built-in automatic cool-down cycle and shut-off mode.

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