Everything that you need to know about moissanite

The very first thing that we should know is moissanite? If we don’t know about this, we cannot understand the comparison of moissanite vs diamond. We can consider moissanite as a natural stone that is a form of silicon carbide. It is found from the meteorite, and this is the reason people also call it stardust and space diamond. It is mostly used in jewellery because it is easy to create in the lab, and moissanite is also cheaper than diamond. If you are looking for the diamond jewellery at the nominal price than you should go buying moissanite because this is similar to diamond. 

It is not easy for anyone to differentiate between diamond and moissanite because both crystals contain similar characteristics; it is the one that can be used as the other. Henry Moissan found the moissanite in 1893, as the more brilliant as the diamond. 

Where is moissanite found? 

The first moissanite was found from a meteorite in Arizona. It is the only source where you can find this mineral. It is the reason, moissanite is a rare crystal, and the demand if this crystal is inserted day by day. From the original moissanite, we cannot create the diamond because of these extracts from the depth of earth in hard form. Therefore, the moissanite that is used in the jewellery is generally lab-created.

How does moissanite make?

We know that moissanite is rarely found in nature; therefore, it is created in the lab. Scientist creates moissanite with the same brilliance in the lab, and then it is used in jewelleries. The refractive index of moissanite is 2.65, while the brilliance refractive index of diamond is 2.42. On this parameter, moissanite is better than the diamond. 

Which is better, a diamond ring or moissanite ring? 

For ascertaining the betterment of these two materials, we should go for moissanite vs diamond comparison. This comparison will clear the doubt which crystal we should choose. There are many characteristics that you should know for knowing which material would be useful for you. The very first characteristic we should see is that the hardness of materials moissanite is comparably less hard than the diamond. Diamond contains the rank of 10 in the term of hardness, while moissanite contains hardness of 9.5. 

The hardness of a material defines the durability; the ring that is made of moissanite will work in the same way as a diamond made ring. The price of the moissanite made ring will be cheaper than the other one. We also can make the comparison moissanite vs diamond, with the help of brilliance. The brilliance refractive index of diamond is 2.42 while the refractive index of moissanite is 2.69; this parameter will also help you. The fire dispersion of moissanite is 0. 104; then, the other crystal has a fire dispersion of 0.044. 

Bottom Line 

It is essential to understand the comparison of moissanite vs diamond, for getting the proper knowledge about both the crystals. After reading the above information, you can easily decide which material’s ring you should buy. 

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