Why do we need keywords?

Your SEO keywords are the keywords and keyword phrases in your website that make it possible for users to find your page through search engines. A page that is well optimized for search engines, should “speak the same language” as its visitors with regards to keywords for SEO. Keywords are one of the major elements of SEO, as it directs a vast amount of users to your website.

According to Hyper-Loop Digital Marketing and SEO “Organic Search, which also goes by Natural search, refers to unpaid search results”. Opposed to cost-per-click advertising. Organic search is based on how relevant the website is to the users search keywords and phrases and their relevance to your website. 

In cost-per-click advertising, the websites owners have paid to have their pages displayed for specific keywords, so these results show up when a user runs a search result containing those certain keywords into a search engine. Therefore, in SEO, keywords are highly important. But how do you know which keywords to use?

How to choose effective keywords:

To attract the right audience to your webpage, you’ll need to use keyword phrases as well as single keywords. This will help search engines to match people to results that are more relevant to them. A keyword phrase is a keyword made up of two or more words. These are more effective as users tend to type in phrases instead of single words, into a search engine. Additionally, single words are too broad of a search to create good results. More than half of users use keyword phrases. Having this will increase your chance of ranking higher on a search engine. 

Your click-through rate (the amount of people clicking into your website) will increase as your listing will match more search results. Additionally, your conversion rate (the amount of people who sign up, or purchase goods on your site) will increase, as your page will be relevant to what users are searching for. 

You’ll need to find the right balance between general and specific keywords and phrases. If your words are too generic, you’ll be up against a lot of competition from others targeting the same audience. However, if you’re too specific, less users will search for those words. You’ll need to trial and error to find the right mix of words, to direct traffic to your site. Additionally, when putting keywords in your content, ensure that the surrounding words are searchable as well. 

You should use keywords in a hyperlink. Search engines also look for keywords in hyperlinks within your website, and using phrases within a hyperlink will increase a higher search rank for your website. 

You should also add in stop words. These are general words, such as “the.” This will connect your page to majority of engine searches, however there might not be much relevance of the surrounding words to your page. Although there might not be much relevance, it’ll still attract a large audience and potential visitors. 

In conclusion, SEO keywords are highly important for directing traffic flow to your website. Without a good mix of words and phrases, you won’t get the large amount of audience you need to rank high on search engines. 

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