Wide quilt backing fabrics

Nowadays different fabrics and patterns are being used to make backing of the quilts. Quilts generally have three layers i.e. quilt top, medium layer is batting and the bottom layer is quilt backing. If width of your quilt is more than 60”, then you can use one or at least two vertical seams to make pieces of backing. If the top length of your quilt is length*2+12 then you can divide it by 36 so that you can determine the yardage. At present quilters use extra wide fabric for seamless backing and these fabrics are 100% cotton. They are available in 104in, 106in and 108in. 

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Buying and piecing

For creating backing layer you can either use regular quilting cotton or you can try fabric panels for making it more creative. Quilt backs are generally made from coordinating fabrics having large cuts like 44” inch wide quilting cotton. In large backing, the quilt backs are generally made of quilting cotton having width 90” to 180”inch. If you use this fabric size then you don’t have to sew other fabrics with it for getting enough piece of backing. 

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Fabrics of quilting: 

  1. Cotton decorating fabric: These fabrics are heavy and have smooth sateen finish. This fabric is the best option for making decorative quilts. As it is heavy for backing you can use light weight batting for better result. 
  2. Linen: As you know linens are made from flax plant so it produces a material that can be openly woven, have absorbing property and remains cool. Therefore you can choose high quality linen as they are available in different designs and colors. 
  3. Voile: This is also light-weight cotton that is very soft, silky and little bit transparent. Nowadays this fabric is getting very popular as quilt fabric. You can make the backing of quilt by just using voile or you can also combine the voile and quilting weight cottons. At present designers are trying this mix and match technique for their latest collections which give the quilts a beautiful look and are easy to make. 
  4. Cotton flannel: Nowadays flannel has wide-range of options. They are available in both solids and prints which makes it a best fabric. You can use it for quilting alone or if you want to try something new you can mix it with other fabrics as well. Generally people use this fabric for making baby quilts as it is very soft and cuddly as well. But it is such a good fabric that can appeal to all ages. 

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