Helping Newbie Traders – Bitcoin Auto Trading Platforms

When Bitcoin reached dizzying heights back at the end of 2017, it certainly drew the attention of investors to the world of cryptos and crypto trading. Since those days, many other coins have come, and gone in many cases. Some have stood the test of time, and volatile markets, and today offer investors a range of investment and trading choices and options. However, as the one that started it all, Bitcoin still remains the preferred choice of investment for many investors, even though it’s value has dropped since those dizzying heights.

Along with the increase in crypto options has come an increase in trading platforms and investment management options. Some of them, like the Robert Downey bitcoin revolution platform, offer investors a more automated way of getting involved in cryptocurrency trading. These types of platforms have built in trading algorithms that are able to assess market trends and make trading decisions based on this information. 

These platforms do offer a number of advantages. Because they’re automated, they can make instantaneous buy and sell decisions as soon as the market meets a pre-determined set of criteria. Much faster than most humans can in fact. They’re also constantly ‘learning’ from past data and, like most things ‘artificially intelligent’, get better with age. For traders wanting to capitalize as quickly as possible on their investments at the most opportune time, and without having to spend a considerable amount of time monitoring the markets themselves, such platforms are worth considering.

There are also many platforms available these days that provide more effective investment management too. These platforms provide investors and traders with a range of tools that help them get better returns from their crypto investments.

Platforms like CoinMarketCal for example can predict market trends. This is similar to what automated trading platforms can do, except that traders make the trading decisions themselves. For experienced traders, this may be their preferred option but for beginners, starting out with a more automated program is probably wise. 

Other platforms allow traders keep tabs on, or follow, what other successful traders are doing. The social media nature of some of these platforms allows traders to share tips, insights, and advice. Again, such platforms are a great way for newcomers to cryptocurrency trading to learn more about it.

Accessing accurate information is always central to any trading decision, and trading cryptos is no different. Apps like Blockfolio and CoinGecko allow investors to keep tabs on over 100 crypto exchanges and more than 3000 coins. These apps may also allow investors to keep track of their investments by providing real-time updates, and can be set up to issue an alert when pre-determined market conditions are reached.

Then there are the programs that quickly identify coins that are headed for dead ends, or are simply scams. This allows investors to thoroughly research any coins they’re considering investing in before parting with hard-earned cash!

Or you may opt for an automated trading platform that takes all the guesswork out of the equation. As mentioned at the start, the simpler versions of these programs are a great way to start out trading. Then, as your experience grows, you can migrate to more customized versions of these platforms where you can tweak and modify the algorithms to suit, or start researching and making your own trading decisions.

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