Top destination wedding venues in Bali

Bali is a very famous tourist spot in Indonesia that attracts a lot of tourists every year from around the world. Apart from tourism, a lot of people come to Bali to have a beautiful destination wedding. Bali has got a lot of beautiful spots where you will love to get married.

Recently a friend of mine got married in Bali. So I asked him “how to get married in Bali?” He told me that it will be easier if you hire professional help for it as you won’t know anything when you are in a foreign nation and if you go on planning all by yourself, you will waste a lot of time, money and effort.

After extensive research I found out about First class Bali, they are experienced and professional wedding planners that offer a variety of packages according to your requirements.

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So after a deep research, I have come up with some of the venues for wedding in Bali

  • Wiwaha Wedding Chapel

This is a beautiful looking wedding chapel that is built with traditional and modern design aspects. A wedding here will surely be a memorable one. This chapel is located at Hilton Bali resort and is on a secluded cliff top. With breathtaking views and scenery, this is one of the best wedding locations in Bali.

  • Conrad Hotel and Resorts

Conrad Hotel and Resort has got a wedding chapel called The Infinity Chapel. This is an architectural masterpiece that is built just 2 meters over sea level. The chapel is constructed in a way that it looks like that it continues till infinity. A wedding here will be perfect for anyone who wants a stunning experience on their wedding.

Cost of a Bali weddiing

  • Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran 

If you have ever been in a rooftop wedding, this will be great for you. The celebration pavilion built on the 5th floor of the Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran hotel. It provides beautiful view of the surroundings and the architecture boasts of natural materials like sand, water etc for decoration.

  • Kamandalu Resort

Kamandalu resort offers beach weddings as well as a normal wedding. Whatever you choose, it is sure that your experience will be worth a while. The beautiful scenery along with a beautiful resort is surely going to make your special day a lot more special. The surroundings portray traditions of Bali in a subtle way. If you want to experience the culture their while having the wedding as well, this is a great location for you.


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