Linkedin Vs Chrome Extensions

It has been well documented recently Linkedin’s fight against the rising number of Chrome Extensions.

But lets look at the bigger picture.

Linkedin has been fighting a losing battle against the Chrome extensions for years but the battle is far from lost, in fact the war is being won by Linkedin. It will be over soon.

We have seen a huge investment by Linkedin in trying to combat these extensions in the courts and by other means but is has appeared to be a battle Linkedin was losing quite badly, until now.

Their investment in being able to see EVERY single person using a Chrome extension has recently become available to Linkedin and this really is HUGE. But why have they not gone after everyone using them, simple economics, that you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you, commercial suicide, in essence to threaten millions of paying customers.

So once again it looks like the extensions have the upper hand, but wait, the battle is upon us.

Linkedin have openly pursued the first big player “Linkedhelper” and they won. Disabling the company and putting them out of action for a month, not a bad start for team Linkedin.

Reality is, they will be back up and running with their pride dented somewhat. Then the reality sinks in, Linkedin will do it again, and again and it becomes a big problem but it is also a battle these Chrome extensions can combat, for now anyway.

Then the real battle begins, auto logging out of your account when you use one of these extensions, a TIME OUT for 10 minutes, try it again and a 30 minute TIME OUT, again and 60 minutes, again and a 24 hours auto ban from your Linkedin account.

Game Over.

The battle my friends has already been won, it is just a matter of months before the Linkedin Chrome Extension army is defeated for good.

That’s really great news for Source 500 as we are not a Plug In or a Chrome Extension.

In fact we will be the last man standing.

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