What are the applications of a transformer?

Transformer is one of the greatest inventions by the human kind and its sole purpose is to transform and transmit the AC power from DC. Most of the appliances, electronics, machines and various other things run on AC current so, where there is a flow of DC current, transformers help in converting it into AC and transmit to circuit. 

However, if you are manufacturing a product which needs transformers in their proper working then you can get the miniature transformers from a good company like Pico Manufacturing. These transformer manufacturers built small sized but more efficient transformers that will upgrade the quality of your product.

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These are a few more applications of transformers:

  • Apart from converting the Direct Current to Alternate Current, these transformers can also increase or decrease the level of voltage, if required. It will bring an indirectly proportional relation between Voltage and Current while power remains constant. These are commonly known as step-up or step-down transformers according to the features they have. 
  • It also acts as impendence transferring device as it can decrease or increase the value of inductor, capacitor or resistance in the alternate current circuit of the particular device.    
  • Some transformers are specially designed for distributions purposes but on large scale. These are the same transformers which are set all over your town to distribute current in the house at voltage as it receives from the main line at higher voltage.          
  • You can also use transformers in case if you want to prevent any AC circuit from DC current. It can efficiently block the DC from passing through in any AC circuit. Transformers are also used for isolating circuits. It can isolate multiple circuits in case, there are several parallel circuits in one device.
  • Some advanced types of transformers are also used for measuring purposes. You can measure the voltage, power, current and other related things from measuring transformers.    

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