Elements of online counter terrorism courses

Terrorists attack lot of places around the globe every year and cause a lot of destruction and public unrest. These attacks have become frequent which has led to the creation of courses like counter terrorism courses that help people to deal with such situations.

Online Health and Safety Training, Fire Training, Counter Terrorism Training are available and can be taken into consideration if you feel like taking them up. These courses are available online and are easy to avail as well.

The following are the elements of a counter terrorism course.

  • Introduction 

Under this you are introduced with the course and told about the dos and don’ts.

  • Terrorist attacks

After the introduction, you will be taught about what is a terrorist attack and what are its different types. You will also be taught as to how you should respond to such situation.

  • Hostile Reconnaissance

Under this you will be taught how to scan your surroundings and people to find out whether something hostile in nature is about to happen by increasing your awareness about different things.

  • How to respond to extreme pressure?

These courses will help you to learn about how to gather your wits and smartly escape from such situations with proper decision making.

  • First-Aid measures for terrorist attacks

First aid scenarios during a terrorist attacks would be completely different from day to day first aid needs, hence you will be taught how to tackle First Aid scenarios during such conditions.

  • Workplace security

Under this, you will be taught the basic tips and tricks to keep your workplace safe from such problems. 

  • Day to Day  security awareness

You will be taught about some of the general day-to-day security tips and tricks that you can avail in your home.

  • Course summary and assessment

After all the above things are completed, you will be given a summary of course and the assessment will be done to check your proficiency.

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