Designing the Perfect Logo

When it comes to design, there is no guaranteed method to follow to help create a perfect logo. In order to get a design that talks to your target audience for all the right reasons,designers pursue a specific process which is a methodical way of approaching the brief, working through the requirement, and ensuring numerous results that meet the needs of you, the client.

The processes do of course vary. Everyone has their own way of tackling a problem and Brisbane logo designers are the same. Some will sketch out lots and lots of rough ideas, whilst another will select just a few thought avenues then work up full artwork for each idea. Sadly, there is rarely a eureka moment, but regularly there are fantastic, personalised and unique results that encapsulate the brand values and speak in volumes to your customers.

So how do you ensure this happens for you? Sadly, the journey to the ultimate logo design is not particularly straightforward. The process takes time, dedicated work, plus a host of other factors ranging from confidence in your rationale to sheer determination. Perhaps surprisingly there is no magic formula for creating logo gold. Each client and project islargely unique so it’s important to have an adaptable way of working to help everyone reach a result. Here is some sage advice.

There is a lot of confusion nowadays, but to put one thing straight – a logo is not a brand. When people refer to a logo they are often referring to a symbolic design, such as a badge, stylised text or a monogram. A logo is in fact a brand mark, and most companies have them. Therefore, to find new ground in order to create something unique and individual, it’s paramount that the designer isn’t restricted in their approach. Understanding the target audience, and what may resonate with them is a good start. Lateral thinking and an ambitious approach to the task can often pay dividends. Because there are no rules in approaching the design of a logo, it’s often worthwhile to question different ways to interpret the brief and to explore ideas.

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One of the most essential and unavoidable aspects of the logo design process is feedback. In the early stages this can help to focus and refine raw ideas into a selection of those with potential for development. It is therefore also be beneficial to consider the process through the eyes of the ideal target client. What might they think when presented with these designs? What does it remind them of? Is it too complicated? Feedback from the client is paramount and without it there will be no approval! Quite often it’s beneficial to open the process up beyond those involved, to garner wider commentary, often random thoughts, but most important consistent feedback about what works and what doesn’t.

Of course, a good idea will usually generate the desired result, however in going forward it’s also important to consider where your logo will be applied. We live in increasingly complex advertising environments and therefore a logo which looks great on a hoody, might not translate so well to an email signature or the top of a webpage. Before signing off on your great new design, ask yourself where your logo will be used and how it might look in a single colour print on a desk diary, or on the side of a building in Times Square and ultimately, will it be instantly recognisable as yours?

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