Benefits of salt-free filters

The traditional Clover water dispenser filters uses salts, potassium and other chemicals to filter the water which leads to high salt concentration in the filtered water. These are not good for your body in the long run. In order to treat the hard water, the filters also extract the other beneficial elements from the water. Salt-free water softeners overcome these limitations and filter the hard water without any chemicals. They crystallize the water which helps in retaining the other minerals of the water. You can select a designer water softener and buy now online.

Some very prominent benefits of salt-free water softener

One water system for the whole place – Now, you can have one water system for you entire house/workplace. The salt-free filters use certified shell carbons for high purity of water. The filters remove chlorine and other contaminants from the water without depriving it of the essential minerals. The taste of the water is also improved and is better than bottled mineral water. This way you can have pure water for your entire place.

Protects plumbing – Hard water is said to corrode the pipes, fixtures and faucets and can also decrease the life span of water appliances. With salt-free filters, you will have a better water system with only soft water running through your pipes and stored in your tanks. You can also avoid plumbing services and costly appliances.

Saves money – With just one system for your entire place, you will eliminate the cost of extra filters for drinking and cooking. Less use of electricity will also save your pocket. The system is also eco-friendly which becomes an added benefit to the filter. The filters will not excrete harmful sodium into the environment thus reducing the harm. Less Clover water cooler is wasted and less use of electricity is required to run the whole system.


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