Should You Hire an Agency or In-House PPC Expert?

Nowadays, as e-commerce as become prevalent and the technology has advanced. Everything is moving towards internet, hence, firms are using different ways to drive and aware the customers about their products and services online.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model on internet, where the advertiser pays the publisher for every time the ad is clicked. Organizations usually have in-house PPC experts but sometimes they even hire a PPC agency for this work. In order to decide the right direction the firms analyze their options.

Here, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a PPC agency or an in-house PPC specialist.

Subcontracting an Agency:

The marketing workload of a firm is much more than just PPC so sometimes it becomes hard for a single in-house PPC expert to handle everything. Here, the agency plays an important role as it has a proper specialized team specially working on PPC which makes their work more efficient.


As the agencies have worked before for many other organizations they have the knowledge and inside about the trending advertising platforms and have also build many relationships on their way.

The agencies are expert and specialized in what they do as their core business runs over it, thus, they are eminent in managing and optimizing your PPC work.

Agencies are in a continuous process of learning as they recognize the importance of expertise in their field. This helps them to broaden their vision due to which they are less likely to suffer.


Choosing the right agency is a crucial part and if unfortunately a firm hires an incapable agency it crashes down badly. As usually firms leave everything upon the agency relating to PPC.

There are some clients who are easy to be catered while some are not so vigorous in communication. In order to maintain a good relationship the agency and clients should be well connected. It means the firm will have to intervene to keep a connection.

Hiring an In-house PPC expert:

Hiring someone from the firm who is an expert at what they do would be the soundest thing to do for an organization. The expert is aware about the organization’s work better than any external agency.


The in-house PPC expert of an organization has the insights about everything as they are involved in the business; it gives them an edge when they are working.

They will be participating in every aspect of the business which will keep them informed about the direction of the business and how they need to cater with the business goal. As they are more internally connected with the organization, they tend to be more loyal and committed to it.


The PPC in-house managers have other marketing related work as well which consumes them and they tend to become overloaded with responsibilities.

When they are working on more multiple aspects of marketing, it leaves them little room for the expertise and specialization they can have in PPC.


Firms should, however, adopt a “best of both” policy. This policy will create a synergy because both the processes have their own advantages and disadvantages. So utilizing both the resources might prove to be more useful.

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