The Latest Revolution in Trucking and Logistic Services


We at are a trucking and logistic service company. Our company is using digital technology to give cost effective and quality based logistic services. At CDL 1000 you will find revolutionary web tools that can make online booking of trucks without downloading any kind of apps on your computing devices like desktops, laptops and smart phones. The latest news resources of business development companies claim that CDL 100 is aiming to be the No.1 and topmost company of “The Great Trucking Revolution”. Can you imagine that within 7 months after its commencement this trucking service company enhanced its business revenue from 10K to 8 Million dollars in the field of intermodal drayage logistics. The VP of business development John Ohle has declared our job “Move information and business will follow”. 

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What is our aim?

We are planning in the year 2019 to grow into a 200+ trucks based company functioning out of Chicago area. We are planning to do business with Class A Railroads. CDL 1000 has already 82 employees Our company is planning to become the most successful company with advanced technology in the field of trucking and logistic services. 

About our services

Our company at CDL 1000 is growing in the business of trucking services and logistics. Though we are facing challenges yet we are enthusiastic to face and win over them. We are growing since commencement as we are hiring more employees who are skilled in the task of logistic operations and goods transportation by trucks. We are seeking those clients who need trucking services and logistic help to send their essential good assignments to those areas where we operate our services. We have helped small as well as big business owners who deal in goods manufacturing and sales. They need such people who may shift their products from their factories and warehouses to the market. 

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What can we do for you?

We can serve well as a topmost upcoming trucking service and logistics company. When you choose any commercial truck services then you need to measure the cost factor and the quality of your chosen logistic service. We know that like us you are also bothered to complete and carry your business operations related to transport your goods and commodities. Thus with us you remain at benefit because we are those trucking and logistic service providers that serve you at the most affordable cost budget without any compromise with service quality.  

The bottom line

If you need the most reliable trucking service and logistic providers then we at can meet your requirements in a most refined way. Thus we invite you to visit our website and contact us so that we may serve you well and create an appeal in your minds towards us. 

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