What to look for in a Floristry Course

The mechanics of flower arranging and creating floral displays is a course that is available in London. The market for flower arranging and all aspects of floristry is a growing industry. The large and diverse populations of London and the rest of the United Kingdom means there are many more cultures that use flowers in everyday life.

Flowers are used at so many functions and celebrations these days. So, knowing how to become a florist and being schooled in the art of floristry is fast becoming a popular course for many a student.

At the London Flower School there is a centre where the techniques, designs and creative attempts of flower arranging can take place. All aspects of floristry are involved, and courses taken here can be one-week foundation courses or more intense four-week lessons.

The Career Course

The Career Course is aimed at those who wish to make a living out of floristry. A flower arranger who would commission the styles and themes of many weddings, corporate events, hotel exhibitions and engagement parties and turn this creative skill into a profession.

The Career Corse is four weeks long. It covers pretty much the lot, when dealing with floristry. The first few days will be spent covering the basics and fundamental mechanics of arranging floral designs.

During the middle section of the course there will be opportunities to cover the aspects of weddings and anniversaries. Big events will often demand a specific style of flower arranging and these needs can be met by covering the examples given in the course itself.

As the course reaches its climax, there will be a time to get creative. In the final week, you will be designing and creating large installations. Such events may demand a flower wall, a chandelier bouquet or a wedding arch with beautifully arranged flowers around its frame.

The arrangements can change depending on the number of students and availability of fresh flowers. However, this course covers more than just flower arranging at the highest end of the business.

There will be academic advice on floristry, how to photograph your designs and promotional tips through social media. The academic side of floristry education is as important as the practical side in many senses. Furthermore, you will get to discover a number of new and different styles of floral arranging throughout the duration of the Career Course.

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