How to Choose the Best Accommodation for Portsmouth University

Portsmouth is a south coast city and its massive University of Portsmouth annexes cover many areas within the city. It is easily reached from London Waterloo and offers many courses ranging from postgraduate, graduate and all the way up to Erasmus courses. It is widely considered to be among the best city for university education in the world.

If you are studying in the naval city of Portsmouth, then you might be thinking along the lines of where you may stay during your education. It can be a daunting process to leave the home of your parents or even come into Portsmouth from overseas and wonder about all the problems you will encounter with staying in this south coast city.

At UniLife these problems and concerns can be cast aside. There are three main centres in this heart of the city that are tailored just for students who will be studying in the city.

These accommodation blocks are so central that everything you need is just a short walk away. The supermarket is just a one-minute walk away. The shopping plaza is no more than 10 minutes’ walking distance and the library and train station are within seven minutes’ walk up the road.

The accommodation in Portsmouth is right next door to the university and there are three blocks in the heart of Portsmouth where students can choose to stay. UniLife on Middle Street has all the amenities you can think of. From unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, a social hub, well equipped kitchen, plenty of storage space and comfortable beds.

UniLife also has premises for student accommodation on St. James’ Street which will offer all the same facilities including bathrooms attached to the rooms, Netflix television service and a secure electronic door entry system.

On Earlsdon Street there are more spaces for student life and living where safety and security is always at the heart of the students’ wishes. All of the three premises are secured by CCTV and weekly rentals start at £189.

This is a good price when you consider you will be living in comfort; style and all other costs are thrown in to cover the one and only payment. There will be no nasty surprises and requests for any more fees beyond your room fee. The rental cost covers all electricity, gas, television licences, subscription channels (Netflix), water, high-speed Wi-Fi and use of the gym facilities.

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