The Use of Radiant Tube Heating in Industrial Environments

Radiant Tube Heating is arguably one of the most efficient heating solutions for a range of industrial settings. The radiant tube heater is a hidden heating system that focuses on warming up people and objects and are specifically designed for use in large industrial or commercial buildings with excessive ventilation. If you are looking to install radiant heaters in your building, Winrow Industrial Heating can design and install cost-effective, energy efficient heating systems. Radiant heaters are suitable for:

  • Warehouses
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Workshops
  • Agricultural Sheds
  • Railway Depots
  • Vehicle Garages
  • Machine Shops
  • Manufacturing Facilities

Despite the varied usage of each of these open spaces, they all have one thing in common and that is their inability to retain heat. Whether it be as a result of necessary ventilation, an open loading bay area or simply poor insulation, they all require a heating system which can quickly and successfully provide warmth to those working in the space as well as the objects contained in the space.

How are Radiant Heaters Installed?

A Radiant Heating System is often installed either by being suspended by the ceiling or by being mounted onto the wall. By emitting a constant stream of infrared light, they are able to successfully heat up the people and objects in the space as opposed to heating the air as many other systems do. It is a system that is able to provide instant warmth without wasting energy from warming the surrounding air which will quickly leave the space.

Due to the vast amount of space, industrial buildings tend to have poor insulation, particularly if they are older structures. Often these industrial spaces will be ventilated or not fully enclosed as a result of regular use loading bays.

Radiant tubes are used in many industrial settings to heat the entire bay as they can be switched on and off at a moment’s notice whilst providing immediate heat to those in the space. The heat provided by the radiant tubes is retained for long periods of time which also means they aren’t required to be left on throughout the day and can be switched off long before the workday ends.

Why is Radiant Heating becoming popular in industrial environment?

Industrial buildings are ultimately used for their space, whether it be to store products, used as a factory for industrial work to take place or otherwise. Every square inch of the building is often taken up for its primary use which is why radiant heating is the ideal heating solution for most industrial spaces.

Radiant tubes can be arranged in a linear or ‘U’ shaped formation depending on the needs of the space. The tubes can then be mounted to the ceiling or the walls- a perfect solution for those looking to save on space used whilst providing direct heat to the necessary areas.

Without doubt, Radiant Tube Heating is one of the most versatile and effective options when it comes to the heating of an industrial space. The system has the ability to provide individuals and surrounding objects with immediate warmth at a moment’s notice.

Combined with the numerous other benefits such as the ability to save space, it is safe to say that radiant tube heating is the perfect heating solution for large spaces which are ventilated, have an open bay area or are simply not well insulated.

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