Benefits And Uses Of Blister Packaging Material

If you are an owner of a factory or industry that manufactures small-sized goods, medicines, and food items, consider using blister packaging to pack the products for sale in the market. It is a very durable and strong packaging made of thermoformed plastic usually PVC plastic. There is a lid or cover made of foil on the blister pack. Also, it has a paperboard base on its backside. Using such blister packs can be very beneficial for the packaging of products. The products packed inside the packaging are protected from humidity. The products don’t become spoiled when left unused for a long time. Use of a blister pack prevents contamination of the contents.

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The blister packs are used widely in the pharmaceutical industry for packing tablets and capsules. It is most suitable for packing medicines meant for single use. Blister packs are useful for packing toys and hardware too. Industries that need to use the packaging for their products can order custom blister packs that are made as per their specification and choice. Blister packs in varying shapes and sizes are available in the market. Thus, you can get the packaging material in your desired type and shape.

The product is filled in the blister pack and it is sealed by applying heat and pressure. The task of sealing the package is done in the sealing station. Industries that produce light-sensitive products must pack it in special opaque blisters. It will help in preventing damage of the products packed inside by UV rays or sunlight exposure.

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Blister packaging is appropriate for the packing of many types of products. It has a compact size and occupies less space. The packaging is usually transparent that helps buyers in seeing the products and contents packed inside. Its use increases the shelf life of medicines and foods. Electrical items are also packed in blisters. The cost of a blister pack is less than other types of packaging materials. Thus, it is a cost-effective packaging for industries most suitable for packing purposes.

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