5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise, such as pens, mugs and clothing can be one of the most cost effective ways of advertising a business. Strangely though, using branded products to promote a business is one of the most overlooked options by people outside of the marketing profession. It is important that small businesses owners are aware of just how powerful and cost effective this form of advertising can be.

In late 2008, the Advertising Specialty Institute interviewed hundreds of recipients of branded merchandise as part of its Advertising Specialties Impressions Study. Amongst the findings were the following 5 reasons why branded merchandise is important to your business:

1. They stay in the mind – 84% of respondents said they remember the advertiser that adorns the promotional product they receive.

2. They leave a good impression – 42% of those interviewed had a more favourable impression of a business after receiving their branded merchandise.

3. They are treasured – 81% find branded merchandise useful and tend to look after the items, with more than three-quarters of respondents saying they keep them for more than 6 months.

4. They are cost effective – The average Cost Per Impression of a branded item is only £0.0025, making this type of advertising one of the most favourable amongst professional marketers.

5. They lead to business – 62% say they have already placed business with the advertiser on a promotional product after being given an item.

The industry study found that when businesses use promotional merchandise they are often likely to get a strong return on investment. By offering a low cost way of putting your brand into the mind of a prospect, and keeping it there, this type of advertising can far outperform other media.

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