Why Choose Ahrefs To Manage Your Web Marketing?

Gone are the days when basic SEO worked for websites. Nowadays, fierce competition doesn’t let you grow if you fail to compete with your competitors. Google alters its algorithms regularly. There must be some great tools to analyze and track down those changes. So that one can stay ahead in competition or maybe just to stay in a race.

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Reasons Why Ahrefs Is the Best to Manage Web Marketing?

Ahrefs is a prominent name in the SEO industry. It’s the best web marketing tool that runs on big data. It comes with various tools options for the businesses and individuals to conduct good research, and create a solid plan.

 Here are our six most popular tools:

Below are the top 6 popular sub tools that Ahrefs offers:

●      Keyword Explorer: 

Finding the best search volume keywords is important. You should always follow your competitors and analyze what keywords they are targeting. Ahrefs gives you an option to pull out the best keyword from the massive database of ~8 billion keywords.

●      Site Audit:

 Targeting keywords is not enough. You need to check if your website is working fine or not. For that, there’ should be a tool for diagnosing technical and on-page SEO issues. Luckily, Ahrefs provides this facility for conducting deep site audits. Site audit helps you in making the right decisions, good for website marketing.

●      Content Explorer:

Understanding the content strategy of competitors is of utmost importance. With content explorer, you can explore billions of website pages for the best content ideas. Try this tool and see how it can make a big difference to your website content strategy.

●      Rank Tracker: 

Ranking your keywords is not enough; you need to keep an eagle eye on the keywords engine rankings. Ahrefs provides a ranker tracker option. However, through which you can track the search engine rankings for the specific keywords of up to 10,000 or more.

●      Site Explorer: 

This is one of the best tools one could have. Researching competitors’ backlinks strategy and following it can help you in a better way. However, it helps in getting a deep insight into how competitors’ websites are performing and how you can improve your backlinking. You can use the Ahrefs database of 15 trillion known links easily.

●      Alerts:

If you want to get the new backlink opportunities on autopilot daily, then Ahrefs is here for you. Unlinked brand mentions are important. You may be familiar or unfamiliar with this strategy, but sometimes people mention (write about) your brand online, but forget to link to your site. But no problem, with Ahrefs Alerts, one can find a new branded mentions automatically.

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