What Will Make You Choose the Best Accountant


Owning a business is rewarding but also tough. In large part, the secret of growing or not growing is given on the capacity that you can develop to choose adequately your business influencers. You would need to work in choosing an accountant there.

What Is A Business Influencer?

He is the professional to whom we entrust the handling of legal, financial, accounting and regulatory issues of my business. In this sense, in the Hispanic environment, the main business “influencers” are: accountants, lawyers and bankers.

In the case of the accountant, the following doubts assail you:

  • How to choose a suitable accountant?
  • How do I know if the one I have is the right one for my desire to grow?

Well here we present a small basic guide:

Step 1: Review Your Credentials

It is important that you verify that your registration with the State Department is in order and order. Unfortunately, in the Hispanic environment there is a bad habit, which is to operate with third-party licenses and that will lead to you not having adequate representation in case of problems. 

Step 2: Difference Between An Accountant And A Tax Preparer

It is very important that you establish the differences between an accountant and a tax preparer. An accountant is a professional who is fully capable of advising you not only on tax matters but also giving you adequate advice on the accounting management of your business.

  • How to manage your accounts well.
  • Efficient accounting programs.
  • How to keep accounts in order and up to date.

Professional accountants are registered with the IRS and are exempt from taking refresher courses. On the other hand, a tax preparer is a person who is certified to be able to prepare or prepare your tax returns but, you must bear in mind, that their expertise is normally limited to filling taxes. They are registered with the IRS and are required to take refresher courses.

Step 3: Minimum Infrastructure

It is important to note that a trusted accountant or tax preparer needs to be an established professional and have at least the following minimum infrastructure:

Have an office that is open throughout the year and not only during the tax period

A phone number that is accessible throughout the year. That you directly sign your tax declaration and do not do it through third parties, so that there is professional responsibility for the information established in your taxes.

Step 4: Warning Signs

We have made a small list of signs to which you should pay attention to your accountant or tax preparer is appropriate or not:

Your cover letter is the guarantee of non-payment of taxes. Normally we come to an accountant on the recommendation of a friend, partner, family member and if the main letter of recommendation is that this professional is a guarantee that you will not pay taxes or “will make you return as much as possible” it is a sign of alert.

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