The Importance of Rugged PCs

Rugged PCs provide some of the most ideal, durable and compact PC solutions, particularly where portability is required. Critical in harsh and rough environments, they offer diverse integrated functionalities not only for data capture, but also communication. Rugged Tablet PC is designed to be versatile with the capability and efficiency of the best computing system out there.  

Applied in key industries 

Standard computers are essentially unusable in different environments due to poor portability, breakage and enduring harsh elements and conditions. This is especially the case in highly demanding industries where durable and resilient computing devices are needed. These include industrial to military operations, law enforcement to fire departments and medical emergency services. In all these areas, the most robust, intrinsically rugged tablets required for remote usage, real-time computing and communication. Rugged PCs come in handy perfectly.  

Made to work in extreme conditions and surroundings 

Computing needs don’t stop due to tough weather patterns, rugged terrain or harsh surroundings. Rugged Tablet PCs are made to resist some of the most device-destroying conditions out there where normal mobile computing devices would be damaged or immobilized. 

These include hard-hitting conditions such as vibrations, high temperatures and heat, cold weather, freezing patterns, typical accidental drops that would destroy normal Tablet screens and operational reliability. In addition to being shock and drop resistant, they’re made to meet the glaring intense-requirements of the military; they’re fully compliant with military standards considering the extremes the military operates in. 

Dust is anathema to standard PCs, mobile or otherwise, including moisture and rain and cannot be applied in remote places or outdoors. Tablet computer meets the stringent IP65 standards, particularly for dust and moisture and thus can be applied in extreme backdrops. In fact, rugged Tablet PCs are enhanced with sunlight-readable screens with uniquely sealed keypads/keyboard usable in snow, water, dust and high temperature environments. 

Even better, their internal technical mechanisms are so robust and resilient they’re as reliably well-built as the external hardware.   

Blends Smartphone and computer functionality 

In the field and high demanding occupations and surroundings Smartphones and computers such as laptops and desktops are expected to perform according to their level of engineering. However, laptops or desktops are way too heavy and unusable in most outdoor situations while Smartphones are fragile and not the most reliable or huge enough for use in the open. 

Blending the functionality, advantages and capabilities of large and immobile computers and Smartphones, rugged Tablet PCs are made to make the most of their traits. Military personnel, engineers in the field and mere workers outdoors are able to utilize handheld, easy to use and convenient rugged PCs designed to make their experience better while boosting productivity and enhancing communication. 

Rugged Tablet PCs include diverse external and internal characteristics allowing them to work not just as Tablets but like the best computers out there and much more. 

In essence, rugged PCs: 

  • Can be vehicle mounted and easily handheld 
  • Are light-weight for easier grab-and-go uses
  • Contain top-notch processing power, sufficient memory and efficient graphics processor for 3D remote video support 
  • Are enhanced with future-upgrade expandability 
  • Are readable in all types of light where text, images, videos and maps can be viewed

Meets modern operational and ergonomic requirements

In the modern workplace ergonomics and operational capability are everything in seeking to optimize the worker and work surroundings while removing risk factors that could affect productivity, efficiency and performance. 

Rugged Tablet PCs offer reliable systems blending the ability of both large computer systems and mobile technology with superior ergonomics and functionality. As such, whether the team is on the field in demanding surroundings or harsh climates higher productivity is still assured. 

Ruggedness means zero downtime 

Rugged PCs are superior to typical computing devices and heavily used in public safety operations from medical emergencies, police and fire responses to military operations, including modern business. All these operations are so important that their systems need to work immediately without delay (something non-ruggedized tech devices can’t guarantee). Rugged Tablet PCs offer a consistent, highly robust 100-percent uptime assuring continuous performance. 

Cost-effective system 

Considering the nature of the military-grade, top notch system in rugged PCs, their cost is expectedly a little higher than standard laptops, Smartphones and Tablets. However, while the hardware might seem costlier than typical non-ruggedized devices, they’re highly cost-effective as they diminish opportunities for error and system failures, enhance performance and operation of fieldworkers and boost productivity. Since maintenance and repairs are rarely needed the savings to a company can be enormous. 

Rugged Tablet PCs are designed to keep working in the face of diverse challenges, from vibration, drops to shocks, humidity and heat, abrasion, high noise, corrosion, electromagnet interference and different elements. With no downtime, it means your operations will continue unaffected with lower running costs due to little to no repairs, maintenance and failure rates.  

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