Mil-Spec Wire Manufacturer and Distributor

Wires and Cables Since 1981

Sycor Technology has been providing wires and cables to a variety of industries since its doors were opened in 1981. Today, they are manufactured in its 40,000-square foot warehouse, which is located in Mississauga, Ontario, before being distributed across Canada and throughout many parts of the world.

Mil-Spec Wires and Cables

Since its founding, Sycor has been providing mil-spec wires and cables to organizations that are military in nature. Those who manufacture these types of wires and cables understand the unique demands that are placed upon them and ensure that they are effective and safe. For example, they can be used to establish a communications network that can be utilized in temperatures well below freezing or to ensure that a wired helicopter can safely navigate dangerous airspace.

Robotic Automation

Sycor employees also know the specific demands of other types of environments. One of these is robotic automation. As machines that use robotic automation become more commonplace, it’s become clear the types of requirements that should be met for the wires and cables that are used in those machines. These include harsh factory environments and repeated movements. Sycor meets those needs.

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