European and International Postal Address Validation Tool

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Whether it’s a delivery network, a government service provider, visa processing agent, or a financial institute, there are various reasons why businesses may need to maintain an address database. In the digital world, it is even more paramount for e-commerce businesses to service the customer’s purchases in an orderly and timely manner. The same applies to enterprises that need to store all the relevant data about their employees.

However, like many other things in a particular business process, collecting and storing addresses in an address database is only half of the task. The other half consists of the postal addresses being verified and corrected for formatting errors. It is a huge task, especially if the business requires regularly storing European and international postal addresses, operating with various postcode formats and numbering principles. Thankfully, an automated address validation tool like Egon can help remove the burden of validation from the organization’s shoulders, making the entire process effective and rewarding.

What is postal address validation?

While most companies know the importance of capturing customers’ addresses to retain their businesses, accurately capturing them remains a huge issue. There are various sets of international postal address formats, with different people preferring to input in different ways. That’s where the process of address validation comes in.

By definition, address validation is a comprehensive methodology that analyses inconsistencies and inaccuracies in customers’ address input and corrects them as per a universal standard. The validation effort aims to reduce the errors in collecting and storing European and international postal addresses while also making them accessible from any digitized infrastructure. This method is automated and highly efficient, ensuring the authenticity of stored mailing lists and other individual or corporate information. It is a fundamental step in providing an accurate customer database and thus, improving customer services.

How does a postal address validation tool work?

With a high-quality postal address validation tool, businesses can automate the entire process of collecting and storing data accurately. The best tool often involves various techniques in every step of the verifying, correcting, and restoration process. They also should duplicate given information when necessary and function with a singular or multiple database systems. It is also expected for such software to be able to integrate with different database systems – oracle, windows, sap, and so on, ensuring enterprise-wide solutions at one go.

Once integrated, the postal address validation tool should automatically check for errors in the address inputs and correct them. The advanced solutions also offer correct spelling, spacing, and automatic filling-up of missing information like postcodes. These tools can also enhance the user experience by working in real-time while customers input their data, suggesting correct enhancements and filling up automatically.

Finally, not every address validation tool is the same. For example, some systems are limited to a specific region like European postal addresses, while others may offer a global solution. The functionalities also vary, so in-depth research is the way to get the most compatible and effective service.

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