5 Reasons Why Local Dwelling is the Best Property Management Company in Dallas, TX

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#1 – Local Knowledge & Global Reach

Local Dwellings has been doing business in Dallas, TX for more than 30 years, and is known around town as the go-to team for all your property management and real estate listing needs.  Our trusted team of Texas natives have been providing quality service from a local perspective for over 3 decades.  With intimate knowledge of the DFW and surrounding areas, our experts have a unique insight of the Dallas neighborhoods that are perfect for each demographic.  Whether it may be managing a single-family investment home, boutique apartment complex, or a commercial building in the emerging entertainment and commercial district.  Our team can identify the perfect clientele to fit each of these needs, then tap into our diverse database to target both local and international clientele.  All of which can help you keep your property rented and realize the best return on your investment.

#2 – A Team of Industry Professionals All Working For You

As one of the most experienced property management companies in Dallas, we really owe it all to our great team.  Our experienced team consists of realtors, accountants and other industry experts, all educated and well-versed in both residential and commercial rental markets.  We stay current and up to date on the local rental regulations so that you don’t have to.  Landlord and tenant laws change constantly and can be tough to navigate and can cost you big time should you suffer a misstep.  You can trust our team to make sense of this for you, tapping into years of experience and time trusted relationships to ensure you are up to code to legally rent and see rental revenue quickly.

#3 – Tenant Sourcing and Placement

Once you are all set to rent, we are here to help make the process of securing a reliable renter, smooth and simple.  We will work on your behalf, using our resources to find you quality tenants and keeping the vacancy rates of your property low.  As a leading property management company in Dallas, we work to screen new applicants to find the right new tenant for you, draft and issue rental agreements, secure signatures, define payment structures and manage fee collection, then manage the ongoing tenant communications including maintenance issues, lease adjustments, any other concerns that may arise.  We work hard so you don’t have to.  Our goal is to provide you an opportunity to make your money work for you, whether you’re in the locale or not.  Feel safe knowing that you’ve got a trusted on the ground resource managing your portfolio with the same attention to detail that you would.

#4 – Peace of Mind, All Under Our Roof

We have spent years developing a network of resources for all rental needs, to ensure peace of mind for all landlord owners.  With these trusted relationships, we can guarantee any maintenance issues that may arise will get handled quicker and often cheaper.  Especially for owners not located in the DFW area, it is a great reassurance knowing that small issues won’t become big issues, because the team at Local Dwellings is keeping an eye on your property the entire time. Further should the dreaded eviction issue surface, we are here for you then too, and will navigate this sticky process to completion.  While this is never fun, it is sometimes necessary, and we will save you the trouble of getting into the nitty-gritty, so that your property is safe, and rented again in as little downtime as possible.

#5 – Investment Security

Local Dwelling is here to help you be an investor, not a landlord.  “Landlord-ing” is hard, and not always fun, but call us crazy, because we love it.  Really what we love is helping you to realize your financial goals.  We are here to manage your property, with the right tenant, reducing any vacancy times, ensure prompt monthly payments are received, and any maintenance issues are handled swiftly and effectively.  All of this maintains your property’s value, keeps a steady stream of income flowing your way, from happy tenants that give your place great reviews, further increasing the visibility and profitability of your unit or building.  Build your portfolio and remove the burden and time restrictions of managing this yourself. 

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