Which 10 global summits are essential for business leaders to attend?

1. World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos: This is one of the most prestigious gatherings that brings together business, government and civil society leaders to address pressing global issues.

2. Forbes Global CEO Conference: This conference is designed to provide a platform for top CEOs to share their insights and exchange ideas.

3. Bloomberg New Economy Forum: This forum focuses on the challenges and opportunities arising from the shifting global economy.

4. Mobile World Congress: This event brings together leaders from the mobile industry to explore the latest trends and technologies.

5. Converge: This conference focuses on innovation and technology and provides opportunities for networking and collaboration.

6. Web Summit: This event is one of the largest tech conferences in the world and brings together startups, investors and corporate leaders.

7. Global Leadership Summit: This summit provides leadership training and development for individuals in both business and non-profit sectors.

8. Women’s Forum Global Meeting: This conference is focused on promoting gender equality and women’s leadership.

9. Sustainable Brands Conference: This summit brings together leaders from business, civil society and academia to explore sustainable practices.

10. Fast Company Innovation Festival: This event brings together entrepreneurs, innovators and thought leaders to explore innovative business solutions.