What are the top 10 trends in corporate mergers and acquisitions?

As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions but here are the top 10 trends in corporate mergers and acquisitions based on various sources:

1. Cross-border deals: Companies are increasingly looking to expand their reach and expertise into other regions or countries.
2. Digital Transformation: M&A activities in industries such as technology, telecommunications, and media focus on acquiring digital capabilities and competencies.
3. Consolidation in Healthcare: Healthcare companies merging to gain economies of scale and compete better.
4. Sustainable & Socially responsible investments: Incorporating environmental, social, and governance factors in M&A decisions, such as clean energy and sustainable infrastructure.
5. Private Equity Taking More Control: Involvement of private equity firms in M&A is increasing.
6. Analytics-enabled M&A: M&A data analytics enables smarter decision-making, risk reduction, and quick turn-around times.
7. The Pursuit of Talent: Competition to acquire exceptional and leading talent rather than just the assets.
8. Investments in Startups: Corporations are investing in startups to gain a foothold in emerging markets or industries or as a potential future acquisition.
9. Changes in Trade and Regulatory Policies: Global changes in trade agreements, tariffs and regulation are impacting M&A decisions.
10. Fintech Consolidation: Traditional financial services firms are looking to expand their digital capabilities through M&A with fintech start-ups.

Note: These trends are constantly evolving, and not necessarily in any order of importance.