California Plans to Ban the Sale of Gasoline Cars by 2035

The emission caused by gas vehicles are dangerous to our health as well as our environment. They create both immediate as well as long-term negative effects. It becomes one of the main reasons for global warming, acid rain, and such. A major part of this pollution is caused by cars, trucks, and other vehicles. 

What can we do to save our environment? Drive less. This is the best way that you can follow to reduce pollution. If it is possible, try to reach your destination by walking, using bikes, public transportation, or carpooling. This way you are contributing to the environment while saving a lot of money on gasoline.  

What to do if you are shifting from one state to another? Instead of driving your car all those thousands of miles, you can hire a vehicle transporting company. Since they are shipping so many vehicles at one time, you can save time, money, and fuel, and at the same time, you are taking the best ways to reduce emissions. 

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Why does California Bans Gasoline Cars?

Recently California has taken the biggest step of banning gasoline cars by 2035 to save the environment. The state has declared that all the passenger cars and light trucks sold after 2035 should be electric vehicles or any emission-free models. 

It is estimated that 40% of the state’s greenhouse emission is from private cars and passenger vehicles. If they are stopped, it will greatly contribute to reducing greenhouse emissions by more than 50%. 

According to California Air Resources Board, this banning of gasoline cars will help eliminate 395 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions over that time which is equivalent to the burning of 915 million barrels of oil. Now you will be able to get the real picture. Now you can have an idea of how much carbon footprint we create by driving our cars. 

If other states also follow California in reducing pollution, it would be the greatest step toward climate change policies. It will also help a nationwide shift to electric vehicles. 

What Will Happen To Your Vehicle?

It doesn’t mean that you will have to give up your car. This rule applies only to new cars, and you can be assured that you are allowed to buy and sell used gasoline cars even after 2035.

Are Battery Cars Good? Battery car manufacturers use eco-friendly materials in production. A major benefit of battery cars is that they cause zero emission and helps improve the quality of air which in turn helps the place harmless to live. Another main benefit of battery cars is operating expenses. You can easily save 2/3rd of your money by switching to an electric car. 

Hence, battery cars are the best alternative for a better environment.






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