Understanding The Importance Of Radiant Systems For Thermal Treatments For Businesses


A business must constantly evaluate income and expenditure, if they don’t it is difficult, if not impossible, to stay in business. That’s why all businesses should be looking at the latest radiant system for thermal heat. You will be impressed by what you find.

What Are Radiant Systems For Thermal Heat?

In business you need heat. Its most basic application is to warm the staff and ensure they are comfortable. After all, research suggests that happy and warm staff are more productive.

However, most businesses also need to dry products. For example, if you are coating a product in resin, varnish, or any type of finish, you’ll need the finish to be dry before you can ship it.

Traditionally this meant long periods of air drying or the irregular heat of a conventional oven. The Infragas radiant system changes all this.

Their systems take natural gas and convert it into energy. This is done via a safe and harmless chemical reaction. The resulting energy is an electromagnetic wave, known as infrared. That’s the same heat that the sun produces.

In short, stand in front of the heater and it will feel like you’ve stood in front of the sun. The temperature of the infrared rays and the distance they travel will depend on how hot the heater surface is.

How Radiant Systems Heat

The radiant system emits infrared waves which travel in a straight line. Any object, including a person, within that line, will feel the heat. Objects absorb the heat and then bounce it across the room. This allows you to heat a room indirectly without heating the air.

It should be noted that the gas conversion is a chemical reaction, there is no flame.

Business Implications

Infrared waves are consistent. Providing the wavelength is maintained they can travel the same distance at the same speed. This is beneficial to businesses if they want to create the optimal temperature for staff to work in.

Regular Heat

More importantly, it provides regular heat, ensuring that any product that needs to be dried will be dried evenly. All you have to do is work out what heat the surface of your radiant thermal heating system needs to be and position the products accordingly.

You can use fans to gently move the air to help ensure the temperature remains even, ensuring the highest quality finished product every time.

Cost Savings

Using this type of system you are not just getting even heat and a product that dries faster and more effectively. You are also only heating what needs to be heated. That means the radiant thermal heat system can actually save a business money as the heat is not being wasted.

You can use free-standing infrared heaters or choose an industrial oven that will allow complete control of the heating environment.

Final Thoughts

There is little doubt that the radiant systems for thermal heat will grow in popularity. Although not a completely green energy source, it is likely that this will be improved on as technology expands further in this sector. This will give businesses across the globe a distinct advantage as quality can be assured every time.

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