Are You a Victim of Workplace of Discrimination? Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up!

Although workplace discrimination cases are declining, it is still happening. If you believe you have been discriminated against in the workplace or wish to know the warning signs to avoid becoming a victim, you should know some of the things to look for. As a worker, you deserve to be treated fairly. The following are signs of workplace discrimination. If you see these signs, contact an Austin Employment Discrimination Lawyer to know what actions to take:

Strange Interview Questions

Workplace discrimination can begin as early as the interview process. During this stage, a victim can be asked inappropriate questions, assumptions, or comments based on their sex, age, gender identity, or religion. During an interview, you must be prepared for questions. To avoid discrimination, recognize any possible biases or assumptions the interviewer might be tied to you. 

Unfair Disciplinary Action

Unfair criticism or disciplinary action against an employee can indicate discrimination, particularly when it comes from a superior. Although the superior may act out of unconscious bias, they may begin a paper trail to support the target’s termination. 

If you think are being fairly disciplined at work, you may be a victim of discrimination. No matter the motive of your attacker, you must take the issue seriously. Inform your supervisor or manager about this and if you can’t find a satisfying resolution, file a formal complaint with HR. If your efforts don’t produce the results you want, talk to a lawyer for further action.

Unequal Pay

A lot of employers discourage their workers from talking about their salaries with colleagues; however, you have the right to do so. By discussing salary with coworkers, you can know whether pay discrimination is happening. When a colleague in the same role has the same experience with you and gets paid more than you are for the same work, you might be discriminated against at work. This is a fact if you and this colleague do not belong to the same race, age, religion, or gender.

References to Age

Age discrimination occurs when your boss makes assumptions regarding your knowledge based on your age or when your coworkers make demeaning comments about workers who belong to a certain age group. Often, older adults are blamed for their inability to keep up with technology even if they know as much about it as their younger counterparts. If you are a victim of age discrimination, speak up every time you hear comments regarding your age or other people’s age. 

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