The Life Insurance That Suits You The Best

At The Insurance Surgery, we have all that are needed to cover your risks and mishaps. We will stand strong & still, wherever destiny goes.

In our society, there are different classes of people that belong to different backgrounds and have varied financial situations. Keeping in mind to provide cover to all the people, we have devised a bucket full of plans and policies that do not cover the risk of not being alive but also helps you with financial assistance at different stages and situations of life.

The major types of Life insurance available in the market are discussed below:

  • Term Insurance Plan

This is the most purchased type of best over 50 life insurance, more importantly, the most demanded one. It is a time-bound product where the cover is a pre-decided time frame for example 20 years, 40 years & so on. 

It is a pure life cover, where you prevent the financial risks of uncertain or ill-timed death.


Term insurances are cheaperAnnual Premium being comparatively way lower in comparison to other products of the segment is the major reason behind the sale of this

A major drawback to this, it doesn’t provide any maturity benefits to the insured individualReturn benefits or benefits of saving accounts are not available in any situation
  • Over 50s Life Insurance 

This is a product designed for the seniors in the family. The minimum eligibility to this product is that the insured person should be of at least 50 years of age or beyond. 


No questions were asked regarding the sustainability of the person getting insuredPrevailing Health issues of the insured persons are neglected in the eligibility criteria**Anyone under any condition with age above 50 can enroll themselves.No medical fitness certificate requiredGuaranteed acceptance policyFuneral costs are covered under this policy

The cover amount is quite low in comparison to the term plan being the major demerit of the productPremiums hit the upper circuit in comparison charts while comparing with the other life insurance policies 

** Our expert team is always ready to analyze and cover your chronic/trailing health issues in the case your application gets denied due to some medical reasons. Extra charges might be incurred for that purpose. For more details regarding you can easily contact our award-winning councilors on our website

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