Car Accidents in Pueblo: What are the Legal Options for Passengers

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Every time you get into a vehicle as a passenger, you entrust your life to the driver and their ability to make decisions while on the road. Unfortunately, if this vehicle gets into an accident, this can be a scary experience since you don’t have control and are vulnerable to the dangers without the ability to respond. 

Thankfully, if you have sustained injuries as a passenger in a car, you can seek compensation for your physical and emotional suffering. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to recover money from the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. To increase your chances of getting fair compensation or winning a lawsuit, work with a car accident lawyer Pueblo CO. Your lawyer will handle everything from negotiating a fair settlement to giving you representation in court. Keep reading to know what to do if you have been in a car accident as a passenger:

The First Steps You Must take

Try to get the insurance information from both drivers involved in the accident, if possible. Although you may want to get the insurance information from the driver who you believe caused the accident, you must document both drivers’ insurance in case the police and insurance companies will evaluate the accident differently. 

Moreover, even if you feel fine after the crash, you must see a doctor for a medical evaluation. In some instances, pain or injuries will show up days or even weeks after a car accident. Symptoms of injury like blurry vision, headaches, neck pain or stiffness, and back pain may not appear right away. By visiting a physician, you get advice on the symptoms to look out for and suggestions on preventative measures to guarantee the best recovery.

Filing Claims

If an accident caused by a negligent driver left you with injuries, you can file a claim with an insurance company. But, make sure to hire an experienced car accident lawyer before you file any claim or lawsuit. Often, it can be simple to prove the driver was liable for your injuries since you can’t be liable as a passenger. But, sometimes, the driver may claim that something else caused the crash like an animal running into the road, poorly maintained roads, or a defective car mechanism. 

If your accident involved two vehicles, it is often best to file claims with the insurance carriers of both drivers. The state of Colorado uses a system of comparative negligence, which means that the insurance companies will need to determine which percentage of fault every driver is responsible for, so your claim can be paid.

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