Do You Need To Do Anything Special To Maintain Your Solvent Trap?

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A solvent trap is a useful firearm accessory that allows firearm owners to maintain their firearm’s health. It attaches to the muzzle of your firearm to collect cleaning solvent as it goes through the barrel of the firearm. A poorly maintained firearm is a disaster waiting to happen, and the implications could be endless. It could range from a simple failure to fire to a catastrophic barrel explosion. And for something that is so close to the face when in use, it can be disastrous.

Adaptive solvent traps are ingenious inventions as far as firearm attachments are concerned. Their major attractions are that they prevent wastage and messy solvent spills during cleaning. Adaptive solvent traps are cleaning kits with different parts that need assembly and disengagement to clean before and after use. Each part is equally important, and making sure that they are properly maintained is essential to the overall health of the solvent trap and its effectiveness. Poor maintenance culture can cause leaks, cracks, and general deterioration in your solvent trap’s health that you might need a replacement in short order.

What Do I Need to Do To Maintain My Solvent Trap?

Adaptive solvent traps need to be cleaned as well. You do not need any special skills or instruments to clean your adaptive solvent trap. Below, we will show you how to maintain our solvent trap in optimal conditions.

Clean after Use – Solvent traps have many parts that need cleaning after every use – storage cups, threaded and sealed end caps, adapters and boosters, etc. Some cleaning solvent and dirt get stuck on the solvent trap filter after cleaning. Leaving it unwashed until the next time you need to clean your firearm harms your cleaning apparatus’s health and hygiene. Most cleaning solvents are water-soluble. Also, most solvent traps are made from titanium, stainless steel, or aluminum. The physical properties of these metals (tough and lightweight) make them easy to clean and maintain. Hence, washing the parts out with soap and water does not significantly harm its health. You can also use other appropriate cleaning solutions after use.

Some parts of the solvent trap, such as the adapters and threaded end caps, require special attention. The threads where they attach to their corresponding parts quickly accumulate dirt and solvent after prolonged use.

Replace Each Part after Use – Adaptive solvent traps have many parts that could easily get lost if not properly stored. Re-assembling the solvent trap after cleaning and keeping it safe until next time is a good idea. You could also keep all the parts – assembled or not – in a bag, box, etc. Some people even reattach their solvent trap to their firearm until the next time they need to use the firearm before they remove it. That way, you always know where both your solvent trap and firearm are at the same time.

A working solvent trap keeps cleaning solvent within and saves you money and effort. Maintaining your solvent trap requires some attention, but it is nothing that requires special skills or tools. At ArmoryDen, we have affordable and effective solvent trap options for your firearm. We also offer accessories such as adapters and replacement parts for worn, lost, or old solvent trap parts. visit the website to learn more

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