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One of our world’s best contributions to saving energy and protecting the environment is undoubtedly the electric motor. Driving an electric car can have many benefits that affect a range of small changes that gradually transform our daily lives in a positive way. It is an innovation that has contributed greatly to the fight against the excessive emission of polluting gases by cars, and it is for this reason that it will certainly be an increasingly important part of our lives in the future. “OME Motors” is an Italian company that had already sensed this innovation in 1960, which is why today it is considered a leader in its field. In this article we will help you to understand more about electric motors, so read on to find out more information.


As early as 1960, the company began to take shape, when Eros Orsatti founded a small business in Brescia that dealt with the maintenance and repair of electrical machines, and only a few years later, in 1976, he launched the first electrical branch. “OME Motors” actually began its own production of electric motors in 1980, and it was during these years that it first started working also with international customers. The company’s success was great all over the world, so strong that another branch was even opened in China in the early 1980s. From that moment onwards, OME Motors enjoyed incredible growth, expanding its markets more and more and becoming known worldwide as a company synonymous with excellence, thanks above all to the professionalism and expertise that have always distinguished it.


OME Motors’ key activity is to manufacture three-phase asynchronous electric motors, both in aluminium and cast iron, to the highest quality standards. It is therefore essential for the company to systematically carry out effective quality controls, which are conducted under the expert eye of the company’s technicians. Whichever product in their catalogue is concerned, it is crucial that the European UNEL MEC standards are complied with, which is why a particular attention is paid to the checking phases, in order to always be sure to provide the customer with a product that complies with universal parameters. OME Motors will help you choose the perfect product for you starting from the production facility and the field of application. Each motor is carefully chosen and designed to be ideally placed in a precise field, before being supplied to the customer for its practical application.


We have already met OME Motors and briefly seen its history, but what makes it so special nowadays? What sets this company apart from the rest of the competition? Certainly behind their success lies forty years of experience, which today is a starting point for constant research into possible innovative ways to increase the performance and efficiency of the electric motors they offer. It is fundamental for OME Motors to find effective solutions that can shape the future in terms of environmental protection and energy saving. Added to this is OME Motors’ unmistakable ability to create projects that are tailor-made for the customer. For the company, indeed, the relationship with the customer is essential and it has come up with a solution that can meet the client’s needs in full: a tailor-made service. This type of service allows OME Motors to create customised products based on the customer’s specific ideas. The company’s aim is always to offer products that can satisfy any request and any industrial category.

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