Interview with Eili Ghanem , Founder

Eili Ghanem is the founder of Icoinmart , a hot tech startup from LA , California . iCoin Mart is the easiest and safest way to turn cash into Bitcoin and has a network of ATM’s covering California . The startup plans to expand its ATM reach to 47 states across US in next 36 months . We spoke to the founder

1.Can you tell us about your background?

My name is Eili, I came to the United States with my family when I was 13 to pursuit the American dream. It wasn’t easy but with hard work I have had many successful accomplishments, and still have much more to go. Graduated with a Masters in Accounting, and upon graduating I worked in an accounting firm while running other businesses including convenient store, ATMs, and credit card processing company. After six months in corporate America, I decided to give my full attention to my own businesses which I dedicated my life to and quit my corporate job.

2. Why did you chose Crypto industry? And why iCoin Mart , specifically

In 2012 I remember running a cross an article that talked about Bit-coin and the co-founder Satoshi Nakamoto, and I instantly fell in love with the idea the effect it would have on the world. I knew this industry will grow into something big so I decided to make a small investment and to this day my only regret is not putting every penny I had into Bit-coin. 9 years later from my initial investment and this industry hasn’t stopped growing for a day; I do believe that eventually crypto currency will be accepted at every business in the United States.

Being in the Credit Card Processing business; I have many clients that share the same passion that I have for crypto. After, receiving many inquiries about allowing crypto transactions to take place in their business I decided to start iCoin Mart. iCoin Mart’s goal is to allow users to buy Crypto Currency for personal investments or send it to their loved ones around the world with ease.

3.When will Bitcoins be recognized and accepted? Some people view them as scam , what’s your take on them?

A family member of mine once told me a story about installing the first credit machine in his business in the mid 80s. Many business owners at the time thought it was a scam, they wouldn’t trust it and. 30 years later and most business in the United States do more transactions via cards than cash. As I stated earlier Bit-coin has grown a lot in the past decade and it will continue to grow and spread. It wasn’t very clear to everyone in the beginning but now it’s finally getting the respect that it deserves. As far as the scam again, the more people get knowledge on it, the more they will understand and be comfortable

to use it.

4. What are the goals & vision for iCoin Mart?

The sky is the limit for iCoin Mart. The company is based in southern California Los Angeles area and soon it will expand into 47 more states. We plan on being the biggest company in the industry and we have great team that will allow us to do so.

5. How do you plan to take on players like coin flip & bitcoindepot which are already established?  What makes iCoin Mart different from competition

iCoin Mart will be offering many features to our clients that will help them and make us stand out from our competitors. We have competitive rates, our site is available for free info 24/7,  users can contact us for any questions or further assistance, we have many locations with the highest tech machines so they can do business when it’s most convenient for them at any time or place.

6. Any Advice you’d like to give to young entrepreneurs starting out in Crypto world?

The best advice I can give anyone starting in the crypto world, is the same advice I can give any young entrepreneur starting any business; which is to read and gain as much knowledge as possible before making an investment, and be open minded to how the world is changing and adapting. We all learn throughout the process a but you need to have the basic understanding and knowledge, and there are many sources and books available online.

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