Top Factors To Consider When Installing Cantilever Racking System

Cantilever racking system is a perfect system for storing bulky, long, and awkward materials of almost any length. As compared to other racking systems they don’t have a vertical obstruction in their storage. 

However, you need to pay attention to their installation. 

This article discusses the top factors to consider when installing cantilever racking system in your store. 

  • Purpose 

The first thing that you need to consider when installing a Cantilever Racking is the purpose you need them to serve. It’s the first question that you need to consider before making any other decision on whether to install the racking system. 

You need to consider the job that you need to do with the racking system. In simple terms, first determine the kind of goods you need to store on the racking system. 

Thinking about the goods helps ensure you get the right system. Sometimes you might think that you need cantilever racking system but in real sense you don’t need them. It will be a huge waste of resources when you spend install it only to find out that it doesn’t serve the purpose you intent it to. 

Also, after understanding the purpose for your racking system you’ll think of extra functions such as double-deep or adjustable racking. In the end, you’ll have a racking system that performs your needs. 

  • Store Layout 

The shape, size, and height of your store and its door and window positioning will highly determine the type of racking system that you’d need. When you order Cantilever Racking Malaysia you must be sure they will be compatible with the warehouse layout over your store. 

It’s even advisable to get an in-depth analysis of your warehouse layout and capabilities. If you get an expert to do the analysis they can help you save a lot of space and improve on every function that the store can deliver. 

And most important, you need to ensure that the layout you have in your store is suitable for installing the Cantilever Racking System. 

  • Available Space 

The other thing that you must pay close attention to is the amount of space available in your warehouse. Do you have enough floor space to accommodate the horizontal needs for your racking system installation? 

The good thing with the racking is that it maximizes the vertical space in your store. It also gives you more possibilities to use the floor space in your warehouse. 

So, before you choose to install the Eonmetall Group Cantilever Racking System first think about the available space. You should have enough floor space to hold the system to the height you desire. And again you should measure the height of your space to ensure you buy enough racks to install over your store. 

Parting Shot 

Racking systems are expensive. You’ll incur the cost to buy the racks themselves and again you’ll another cost of installing them. The only way to ensure that you’re on the safe side is to ensure that you don’t make any mistake when installing them. First know their purpose, choose the right store layout, and then finally consider the available space. 

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