How To Catch A Lying Partner

If you feel that your partner is lying to you, then possibly he is having an affair or trying to hide something from you that is not comfortable sharing with you. In such cases, the body language mostly gives away if someone is lying. People in a relationship who are suspicious of their partner, often ask questions like how to find out if my partner is cheating on me?

Here are some indicators to tell if a person is lying to you and also ways to find out the truth.

When someone lies, a lot of brain activity goes on.  This is because the liar has to quickly make up facts to hide the truth.  Some of the body languagesthat give away when a person is lying,are like-

  • Nervousness and excessive blinking– if your partner is too fidgety while speaking to you, and is making a lot of gestures with his hands, that might be an indication he is lying.  There could bered flashes across the face, as at the time of lying, the heart pumps in more blood which can actually make your face and ear turn red.

If while talking to you or explaining something to you, your partner starts blinking too much that is an indicator that they are trying to hide some facts.

  • Hesitation while speaking and change in the tone

 While lying usually a person has to make up a lot of stuff.  Therefore, it is observed that while lying people tend to take pauses so that they get enough time to think before speaking out.  Also to hide the nervousness and the fear in their voice they tend to speak too loudly or too softly.

  • No eye contact and leaning the body away

Usually, while lying people do not prefer to keep eye contact as that might bring out the true motive or intention. When you are interested in someone you tend to lean towards the person.If your partner naturally moves away from you while speaking, it gives away the fact that they are not divulging the truth.

 If you are suspicious of your partner and want to find out the truth,  you can use several monitoring applications that can be downloaded on the target phone to retrieve information. For more information you can visit here. 

This monitoring software can receive information regarding phone calls,  messages, contacts, and other details.  An example of one such software is a keylogger.  The software is made with such advanced tracking features that they can track applications and are also able to take pictures of the data that they are retrieving.

The data can later be downloaded onto mobile devices and personal computers.  This software can also hack your partner’s accounts on social media platforms and give you an idea of their activities there. This software can be integrated with the system. However, they can also be pushed on the system with the help of devices like pen drives.  The presence of such software is usually given away by slow computer performance and new icons appearing on the computer.

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