What happens during an asbestos survey

The first step in conducting an asbestos survey is taking a walk-through on the proposed sited to note down information and form a timetable for the job. It helps get the site ready for work like, removing things that may delay the work, check, and ready essential materials for the job. After this is done, the surveyors can start work. 

The surveyors would begin strict inspections on the premises, they would identify asbestos-containing materials and collect some samples to take to the laboratory for an asbestos test.

During the survey, the site would be evacuated except for the surveyors and workers. Depending on the findings in the lab, air testing, background testing, and water absorption tests can be carried out.

The air testing carried out on these sites includes:

  • clearance testing
  • Reassurance air testing to know if there is asbestos fiber still in the air
  • Background testing
  • Personal air testing.

If you are confused about what an air test is, it is part of an asbestos test carried out on the site before commencing work on the site. It is used to determine if there are particles of asbestos fiber in the air. 

After the survey what next?

Once the asbestos survey is done, you would wait a couple of days for a compiled report of the asbestos-containing materials found in the site, some pictures were taken and directions on how to manage the asbestos-containing materials well. Without risking your life.

Preparing for an asbestos survey

An asbestos survey is usually carried out by licensed professionals but you would need to prepare yourself for a scheduled asbestos survey. The following ways are steps you should take to prepare yourself.

  1. make sure the proposed building is vacant before scheduling an asbestos survey to avoid any sort of restrictions on the survey.
  2. you need to understand the type of work you would be carrying out on the site, the equipment you would need, and every other detail. Sit and draw up a work plan of how everything should go

Once the asbestos survey is finally concluded, and all the documents have been compiled, everything scripted down, would guide you on how to manage any asbestos-containing material ensuring that it does not pose any threat to you, your family members, friends, and visitors. 

The asbestos-containing material should be inspected regularly to make sure they are in good working condition and it has no damages.

In conclusion, carrying out an asbestos survey is the best thing you can do for yourself and anybody that comes in contact with your house. It not only gives you peace of mind but it also grants you the benefit of staying healthy and clear of any disease caused as a result of inhaling asbestos fibers.

If you eventually decide to refurbish your building, an extra asbestos survey would need to be rescheduled for a stricter inspection to be carried out on the premises.

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