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When you are interested in buying a new home, the timing of your purchase determines a lot about the deal you’re going to get. Though the right time for you would be when you are emotionally and financially ready for the purchase, there can be other contributing factors to help you decide when you should go looking. And, when you are able to time it right, you’d be able to nab a great home at a bargain.

Let’s find out more in detail what’s the best time to buy luxury homes in Washington DC!

The Best Time For Grabbing A Great Deal:

In general, you can expect to grab a bargain when you buy homes for sale in Chevy Chase DC in the winter season. Historically, this is the time of the year when the prices drop to the lowest – particularly in the first and the fourth quarter.

You really make a smart buying decision if you choose to purchase your home in December. Stats show that buying in December can save you up to $5000.

Buying during the winter holidays, in particular, allows buyers to face the lowest competition when they make their offers on the properties they like.  As a result, they can be able to buy even the best homes at considerably low prices.

The Right Time To Buy A Home When You Want Multiple Options:

The Spring and the Summer months are, generally, when you can find the biggest inventory on the market. This is, especially, so during the months of May, June, and July. If you hit the market in these months, you’re likely to get the most available options as a homebuyer. One, probable, reason is that many families are looking to sell their homes due to the start of school. In addition, sellers get a greater chance to have their property sold quickly without much price negotiations and that’s why more of them are willing to put their property on the market.  

Remember, however, that when you choose to hunt for the best homes for sale in Chevy Chase DC during this time, you should expect a higher price tag to come along.

The Best Time To Buy A Home In General:

If you want the best of everything – an affordable price tag, lower competition, and high inventory levels – early fall would be your best time for a home purchase. The week starting September 22 can be rated as the best week for the home purchase, as you get 26% lower competition during this time as compared to the rest of the year. The week starting October 27 can also be a smart choice, according to some stats.

If you want to be even more specific, December 26 – the day next to the Christmas – is considered the perfect choice for buying a home. Stats show that buyers end up saving around $2500 if they choose to buy on this particular day.

If you are looking for luxury homes in Washington DC, buying around these times of the year will allow you to crack the best deal possible. So, plan your home search accordingly. Visit The DC Team if you are looking to buy a luxury house in DC.

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