What Points Are Covered In Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast

After gaining quite some popularity in the field of Kimurawear and True Blue Homes, Jeff Lopes thought that it was time to share his years of experiences with the newcomers in this business field. He himself started at a tender age, where he opened his first business before turning 17 years of age. So, he has over 24 years of experience behind his back to share with the rest of the world. So, he thought of opening up a podcast, perfect for the listeners. This podcast, namely Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast, has been a game changer right from the time it hit the market. Now, it has large number of loyal listeners, most of whom are willing to enter the field of entrepreneurship.

Major takeaways from the podcasts:

Now you must be wondering what you will get to learn from this Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast and this section answers your question. Here, Jeff is not just sharing his own personal experiences with the world but also inviting some of the most talented and brilliant entrepreneurs to share their thoughts as well. Each one of them has a separate story to tell, which will differ from one another completely. So, every week, he will be inviting new invitees and guests over to come and share their experiences with the world. Listeners are eager to learn from their mistakes and take the next best step forward.

Learning about the challenges faced:

Apart from presenting this free-flowing conversation through Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast, Jeff is also well-known for sharing his biggest challenges ever. He is now a successful entrepreneur but the path was not easy. He had to face some crucial challenges at every sphere of life, which made him stronger and more successful than before. His biggest obstacles were during his early stages of business, when he was not in love with his business or idea. The minute you start loving your business, your end goals will be fulfilled rather easily.

More about the points:

In case you love the concept that you have chalked out, but if it fails to work, then you will start making excuses. That will extend your timeline as you don’t want your business to fail as of now. But, that is the right time when you have to put on your blinders and refuse to see writing on wall. This is one issue Jeff faced a lot of time but learned how to overcome it. He will share his thoughts on that at Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast.

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