How to Date Amid COVID-19

dating trends: Want to up your dating game in 2020? Don't start chats with  'hey', go for long walks on the beach - The Economic Times

COVID-19 has imposed social distancing measures, thus keeping people away from typical in-person dates and bar meetups. Many prefer staying at home and moving to the online space, others are ready to continue the traditional way of dating even amid COVID-19. Let’s dig deeper into the surge in the online dating space and discover the best way to open an online dating merchant account for your adult business. 

COVID-19 Dating & Online Dating Merchant Account

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, singles are currently more relying on the internet dating space to meet people. Activities associated with human interaction are on hold or made difficult, and the online dating industry couldn’t stay isolated from all this.  

In a situation like this, couples have limited options to date outdoors. So, it’s no surprise that FaceTime, Skype dates, and other alternatives have become mainstream for online daters to find potential romantic interests. This growing trend of meeting people virtually has made the number of smartphone dating app users reach 26.6 million in the U.S. The number is foreseen to make up 25.7 million in 2023. 

Given online dating is now mainstream, adult merchants get a new opportunity to gain ground. However, you can’t do this if you’re not using the safest and cheapest possible merchant processing services in the high risk space. To get access to these services, you need to work with a true high risk payments expert committed to providing one-of-a-kind payment processing services, including an online dating merchant account.

Dating While There’s a Pandemic

Last year, the online dating industry accounted for US$3.874 billion. This year, the top dating app Tinder has registered over 3 billion swipes on March 29, which has been the highest number on a single day throughout the company’s history. 

Let’s see what professionals say. Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown, a relationship therapist in New York City, times like these require placing a big focus on communication, as it’s with any healthy relationships and decision making. Talking about the fun and the opposite is essential. Dr. Saskia Popescu, an infectious disease expert, notes that if you’re sick, the most important thing is to avoid other people in any case. 

So, the world is going through tough times because of COVID-19, and the times are changing fast. However, this doesn’t mean people have forgotten about love. The online dating industry says its numbers are on the rise. 

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