What Makes the Twoface Lens So Important

Any lenses in any glasses, be it glasses for vision or glasses from the sun, wear out there are scratches, scuffs, dusting is erased, chips appear, etc. you can in any of the oakley twoface lens workshop, the order is carried out within 1-2 days. Delivery by courier is possible, as well as sending by courier services to any region.

Making glasses quickly and efficiently

In any of these cases, the client is looking for a place where lenses can be installed quickly, efficiently and relatively inexpensively. Naturally, he finds the best option to visit the two face lens company. Unless, of course, the client is from the capital. By the way, people come to the two face lens company quite often, and first of all, regarding the repair of glasses, laser soldering and, of course, the replacement of damaged lenses (say, cracked, scratched, split). 

In all these cases, the two face lens company provide a unique service the installation of the required lenses (sunscreen or diopter) as soon as possible (often in the presence of the client), while guaranteeing high quality and durability of the “new glasses”

If, for example, you need to replace or install diopter lenses in a new frame, then you can provide our professional masters with an existing prescription from an ophthalmologist, according to which glasses will be selected for you. But this is not at all necessary, since the workshops are equipped with the most modern diopter meters, with the help of which (plus the high professionalism and experience of the specialists themselves) all the necessary parameters are easily determined (in almost the same way as in a polyclinic diopters, degrees, addition indicates the difference in diopters between distance and near correction values, center-to-center distance, etc.), so that the glasses fit your eyes perfectly.

Glass or plastic?

If you decide to make lenses in the workshops of oakley two face lens, you will be obliged to choose between plastic and glass products. Each type has its own disadvantages and advantages: 

  • Plastic (organic) lenses are lighter, therefore they are used in semi-rim (on a line) and rimless (on screws) glasses. In addition, these lenses are safe, comfortable and provide ample design opportunities. However, they are less resistant to scratches (short-lived) and their optical properties are inferior to glass;
  • Mineral (glass) lenses have a longer service life, are characterized by the best optical qualities, however, they are twice as heavy as plastic and are very fragile, which is why they are not recommended for children and athletes. Although today mineral lenses are made from ultra-thin and ultra-strong glass, however, they are not cheap.

Inserting your old lenses into a new frame

If you were able to save the glasses when the frame breaks, you can easily rearrange them with any suitable frame or frame of a slightly smaller size, you just have to sharpen the glasses to match the frame size. The wizard will select suitable frames and offer you to choose.

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